Malaysia: Certified Professional in Human Resources and Compensation (IHRME)

The CPHRC Certification program requires completion of 4 courses; each course carries 40 contact hours with individual and team case studies, a total of 160 contact hours for the whole program. The topics to be covered for each course are as follows:

Course 1 HR Generalist Certificate (40 contact hours)

Module 1: HR Foundations

Module 2: Business Essentials

Module 3: Staffing

Module 4: Remuneration

Module 5: Performance Management

Module 6: People Development

Module 7: Labor Law-International & Local

Module 8: HR in Practice

Course 2 Certificate in Compensation Management (40 contact hours)

Module 1: Total Remuneration

Module 2: Job Analysis & Documentation

Module 3: Job Evaluation

Module 4: Base Pay Determination

Module 5: Costing Pay Systems

Module 6: Performance Management

Module 7: Variable Compensation

Module 8: Specific Employee Types

Module 9: Administration & Evaluation

Course 3 Global HR Strategic Management Certificate (40 contact hours)

Module 1: Global Human Resource Management Strategy

Module 2: Culture

Module 3: Strategies for Staffing a Global Organization

Module 4: Strategies for Developing a Global Workforce

Module 5: Performance Management Strategies for a Global Workforce

Module 6: Remuneration Strategies for a Global Workforce

Module 7: International Employee Relations & Regulations

Module 8: Leadership in Global Organizations

Module 9: H.R.’s Contribution to the Success of Global Organizations

Course 4 Certificate in Leadership & HR Decision-Making (40 contact hours)

Activity 1: Leadership through Communications

Activity 2: HR Decision-Making Using Quantitative Analysis


  1. Courses 1, 2 and 3 contain pre- and post-comprehensive examinations while Course 4 contains only a pre-comprehensive examination; all examinations consist of multiple-choice questions and with a Pass mark of 75%. Re-test available no sooner than 1 month after the previous examination.
  2. Completion of all four courses and successful passing of the examinations for each course achieves Certification as a Certified Professional in Human Resources and Compensation (CPHRC).
  3. CPHRC Certification is issued by the Institute for Human Resource Management Education Inc. (iHRME)

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