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We do need your contribution for keeping our website live and free from commercial ads, we are offering bellow package for your organization.

IDR 1,000 K

6 Months Unlimited Posting

IDR 1,000 K


 6 (six) months automatic jobs posting (send your jobs by email, we will post for you within hour)

– Unlimited job posting (you can post as many as your organization needs)

– Job display duration as needed

– Your organization logo on the frontpage (job seeker will be easier to go to your organization job list)

IDR 250 K

30 Days Listing

IDR 250 K


– unlimited job posting
– 1 featured job
– Job displayed for 30 days
– Featured organization list


FREE, 10 Days listing



– Maximum 3 jobs/month
– No featured job
– Job displayed for 10 days

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