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Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) was founded in 2013 with the aim of driving responsible and sustainable fisheries activities for the well-being of fishing communities and fishery resources across Indonesia.

Our motto is “happy people, many fish.” Our organization started with a simple belief that empowered, financially secure fisher communities are key in achieving fishery sustainability. We work with small-scale artisanal fisheries to foster sustainable, equitable, and traceable seafood supply chains. MDPI aims for real and robust long-term results in the communities we engage in.

Our key competencies are:

Fisheries data and governance – We create the mechanisms and data inputs needed for adaptive fisheries management. This includes data creation, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building on EAFM principles.

Community organization – MDPI works to empower, embolden, and strengthen coastal communities’ capacities to actively participate in fisheries management and advocate for community well-being.

Creating enabling conditions – that are key to long-term fisheries sustainability, but are often seen as secondary objectives, such as, technology, traceability, financial literacy, women’s empowerment, and quality and handling practices.

Vision and Mission

Sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities encompassing effective ecosystem and fisheries management in Indonesia.

To empower coastal communities in Indonesia to actively participate in ecosystem and fisheries management, harness market opportunities, to improve the sustainability of their livelihoods.

More about MDPI please check www.mdpi.or.id

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