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Eco Regions Indonesia is innovating large-scale regional development
ensuring both sustainable development of unique environments,
sustainable economic returns for investors, sustainable monetizing of
biodiversity and sustainable inclusion of local people.

Eco Regions Indonesia model is currently being rolled out in Lombok
and Sumbawa along the Alas Strait. The NTB Province has designated two
large areas of land, one in South East Lombok, and the other in North
West Sumbawa, as the foundational locations for establishing the first
Eco Region of this kind. In so doing it appointed Eco Regions Indonesia
operating subsidiaries PT Eco Solutions Lombok “ESL” (Lombok) and PT
Gili Balu (Sumbawa) as its operating partners through Agreements
developed in partnership with the Indonesian and Swedish national

Construction is commencing at the Lombok site at the Tanjung Ringgit
Eco Region. The infrastructure and development blueprint is in its
advanced stages of ratification in West Sumbawa at the Eight Islands
EcoRegion. ESL in collaboration with the MCA have secured a 3.3 mUSD
grant for reforestation in the area and development of local business in
cooperation with the local people


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