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Pamflet is a youth-led organization that was established in 2012 to encourage and strengthen youth to participate in the process of social movement, by providing the information and knowledge about activism and human rights. With three core divisions: youth studies, youth movement, youth activism, we work to strengthen youth’s access to information, resources, and networks related to human rights, and to encourage local youth initiatives  (individual/collective) in different areas in Indonesia through activities such as research, capacity building, training, creative campaigning, and publication.

With activities like road shows and trainings, we have reached out to 26 cities to promote about human rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights, and we have built partnerships with local youth organizations in 18 cities in Indonesia. We have also workedvwith different stakeholders, from junior high & high schools students, university students, teachers, youth activists, artists, civil society networks and coalitions, local and national government agencies, to funding organizations like UNESCO, Hivos, TIFA Foundation (Open Society Foundation Indonesia), and EMpower (Emerging Markets Foundation).

With support from EMpower since 2015, Pamflet developed and currently implements a program called Suka Ria Remaja (Setara untuk Kesehatan dan Ragam Informasi Remaja or Equality for Health and Information for Youth) that aims to provide a comprehensive reproductive health and sexuality education through active engagement from the teachers and students in schools in Indramayu, West Java and Palu, Central Sulawesi. Since August 2016, Pamflet entered the second phase of the program and continues to assist the teachers and peer educators in four high schools and two junior high schools in both cities. Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and mainstreaming gender into programs is actually one of the most important work areas of Pamflet. We have been working in this theme since 2013 and have been involved in a national coalition called SEPERLIMA (Seputar Kesehatan Reproduksi dan Seksualitas Remaja) to strengthen Indonesian youth’s access to SRHR information and services, together with several other organizations such as Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (IPPF Indonesia), Rahima, Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies of University of Indonesia, and Hivos. From 2013-2015, together with Hivos and GWL Muda, we also organized a national competition called Dialog Muda to
collect stories and experiences from Indonesian youth about SRHR and diversity.


As Pamflet grows, we feel the need to develop stronger capacities that would directly impact the outreach of our programs and activities. The capacity urgently to be improved is organizational fundraising, as this is also one of the on-going challenges that we are facing as a small independent organization with limited capacity to access funding sources and supports. Fundraising capacity is defined as the capacity to raise funds for sustainable program implementations through conventional activities (i.e.: proposal writing for grants) and other possibilities (innovation and ideas to generate organization’s income).

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