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CHAI Overview

The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to our mission of saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries. We work at the invitation of governments to support them and the private sector to create and sustain high-quality health systems.

CHAI was founded in 2002 in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with the goal of dramatically reducing the price of life-saving drugs and increasing access to these medicines in the countries with the highest burden of the disease. Over the following two decades, CHAI has expanded its focus. Today, along with HIV, we work in conjunction with our partners to prevent and treat infectious diseases such as COVID-19, malaria, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. Our work has also expanded into cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases, and we work to accelerate the rollout of lifesaving vaccines, reduce maternal and child mortality, combat chronic malnutrition, and increase access to assistive technology. We are investing in horizontal approaches to strengthen health systems through programs in human resources for health, digital health, and health financing. With each new and innovative program, our strategy is grounded in maximizing sustainable impact at scale, ensuring that governments lead the solutions, that programs are designed to scale nationally, and that learnings are shared globally.

At CHAI, our people are our greatest asset, and none of this work would be possible without their talent, time, dedication and passion for our mission and values. We are a highly diverse team of enthusiastic individuals across 40 countries with a broad range of skill sets and life experiences. CHAI is deeply grounded in the countries we work in, with the majority of our staff based in program countries. Learn more about our exciting work:


Indonesia has approximately 4.3 million surviving infants as target population for national immunization program each year. Of these, over 600,000 infants were reported to have missed out on receiving the first dose of DTP-containing vaccine in 2021. These “zero dose” population have been growing for the past 5 year, amounting to more than 1.5 million children in 2021, at an average annual growth rate of 65%. Indonesia is amongst top 5 countries with highest number of zero dose (ZD) children in the world. Given the vast geographic landscape of Indonesia, and the decentralization of management, planning and delivery of immunization services, the number of ZD children and its drivers vary drastically across provinces.

CHAI has supported Indonesia EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization) to accelerate new vaccine introduction and strengthen current routine immunization practice since 2017. CHAI is now looking to support EPI implement strategy to identify and reach ZD children with funding from various donors. Under this project, CHAI’s goal is (i) to work with EPI, donors and other stakeholders to improve operationalization and use of funding to reach ZD and immunization goals in a sustainable manner, and (ii) to support delivery of effective ZD strategy in Indonesia context and identify key learnings. We intend to reach the goal by supporting central EPI and selected provinces to operationalize ZD strategy.

Intermediate outcomes we will aim to achieve are:

  • Improved immunization planning and monitoring to implement ZD strategy.
  • Enhanced management capability for budgeting, planning, allocating and disbursing funding in a timely manner.
  • Improved iterative review and programming of ZD activities to drive equitable, creative and adaptable solutions.
  • Improved learning on how to operationalize ZD investments and deliver on effective ZD strategies.

To continue CHAI strong support to EPI, CHAI is looking for Management System and Capacity Program Officer (POs) that will support EPI achieve the above outcomes. Within CHAI Indonesia, the POs will report to MSC-IFS Senior Program Officer and work under MSC-IFS Senior Program Officer and Senior Program Manager guidance, and in coordination with NVI Senior Program Officer to deliver intended activities.

Program Officer Roles & Responsibilities

Under guidance from MSC-IFS Senior Program Officer and Vaccine Senior Program Manager, Program Officer roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Provide technical assistance to improve EPI’s visibility and coordination on ZD investments, to ensure synergy and avoid duplicative effort. This includes support in setting up regular meetings, developing necessary monitoring tools, completing stakeholders mapping, and providing day-to-day operational support.
  2. Ensure effective communication with key immunization stakeholders e.g., relevant donors and development partners.
  3. Support EPI to facilitate TWG meetings and capacitate TWG as steering committee for ZD monitoring and coordination. This includes conducting data review and data analysis ahead of discussion, reviewing workplans or relevant accountability framework, creating decks for intended audience, and ensuring good follow up.
  4. Proactively support EPI to work with relevant government units or institutions beyond immunization (e.g., with broader maternal and child health units, health planning, finance, etc.). This includes supporting EPI think through/design engagement plan to coordinate and capacitate new local partners at central and sub-national level.
  5. Support EPI to set up routine communication, data sharing and feedback channels with high ZD provinces/districts.
  6. Strengthen of institutional capabilities to ensure sustained program performance, particularly in planning, budgeting, and mobilizing resources towards ZD objectives and immunization program goals.
  7. Design and implement of tools/guidance documents/ SOPs/ and relevant training materials on how to plan, budget, utilize and monitor the use of funding at sub-national levels.
  8. Conduct targeted subnational capacity building to plan, access, and retire funding, problem solve, and operationalize against ZD objectives and immunization goals.
  9. Continuously identify and help to mitigate challenges faced in accessing, planning, and monitoring funds and results. This includes support in setting up performance monitoring, and in proactively channeling risks and needs to central EPI in timely manner for effective resolution.
  10. Document processes/systems for coordination, planning and overall process that are suitable to help target resources to better reach ZD.
  11. Support data collection, monitoring and evaluation, review and analysis of ZD activities to achieve intended results.
  12. Document learnings from differentiated ZD strategies at central and sub-national level, including challenges in designing and executing ZD activities, and how these challenges can be overcome.
  13. Report writing of lessons and best practice during project implementation.
  14. Ensure the documentation of activities and outcomes to create replicable models and policy advocacy documents.
  15. Perform basic finance and admin functions as needed, especially related to activities, under the guidance of the CHAI Finance team.
  16. Perform any other tasks assigned by the Senior Program Manager and or Associate Program Director and or Country Director.

Required Qualifications

Program Officers must be an Indonesian citizen with the following qualifications:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in a public health discipline; Masters-level or above in public health/health economics/health financing/health policy/ public policy or health science preferred.
  2. At least three years of relevant experience within a fast-paced, demanding and results-driven environment.
  3. Experience working and communicating with government officials and multilateral organizations, in Indonesia or other LMIC countries.
  4. Sound knowledge in Indonesia health system, planning and budgeting, decentralization in practice, or equivalent issues/challenges.
  5. Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills (qualitative and quantitative), including experience with data analysis, business case analysis, and study design.
  6. Good communication skill and familiarity with government style-bureaucratic culture in official settings.
  7. Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills, track record of building strong and effective working relationships remotely.
  8. Demonstrated capacity to synthesize evidence into an effective presentations and actionable recommendations for broad range of audience, such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Planning, Ministry of Finance, International Donors, dan Policy Makers.
  9. High emotional intelligence, patience, and thoughtfulness even in high-pressure, stressful situations; proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships in a complex environment with occasional tensions or conflicts.
  10. Proven project management skills, ability to work effectively in a high-pressure environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  11. Entrepreneurial mindset, including ability to set priorities, self-motivate, propose, and implement new initiatives, work quickly and effectively with minimal supervision.
  12. Sensitivity to cultural contexts
  13. Strong commitment to CHAI’s and the team’s mission, dedicated team player.
  14. Ability to travel extensively (at least 35% of time) to focus countries and other locations as needed for work.
  15. Fluent in English (oral and written) and in Indonesian.


  1. Knowledge of vaccines and immunization program, international donors like Gavi and the World Bank, and economics affecting immunization, including Indonesian macro-economy situation.
  2. Advanced in Excel and statistical analysis.
  3. Past experience working with or as part of CHAI.

Work Period

Work period is expected for a minimum of 12 months with high possibility of extension.

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