Thailand: International Workshop for Capacity Building on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There is a crucial role of CSOs and government to achieve the goals of sustainable development. On the one hand CSOs and government officials need to be conceptually cleared on the goals, targets and indicators of sustainable development goals and on the other hand there is a need to ensure the collaborative approach of CSOs and government to act effectively to achieve the goals of sustainable development basically in developing countries. On this rationale, we (IIPDS, Thailand and ISAS, Nepal) are proposing Capacity Building Workshop on SDG to be held at the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS), located at Soi 51, Suwinthowing Road, in Nongchok district, Bangkok, Thailand.

This is from the realization that developing countries, CSO’s potentials and participation yet to be fully realized in SDG’s process and government initiatives need to be strategized. Given our positive experiences in formulating and promoting Declaration on Climate Change and other issues at global level, we believe that the developing countries CSO’s and government line agencies contribution will be very significant at local, national and Global levels to promote 17 Goals. Our concerns include empowerment and participation of the excluded vast majority poor and marginalized section of the population and how can they be the center of SDGs processes. We begin with developing countries especially Asian countries but hope that the International NGOs will also bring together their partners in other continents.

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