Practical training in the field provides unmatched educational quality and prepares participants to cope with a variety of hostile environments

Humanitarian workers are frequently required to operate in high-risk, hostile, and unstable environments. Without practical training, aid workers lack the practical skills to protect themselves, colleagues, and beneficiaries from violence and accidents. As a result, not only is a comprehensive HEAT training course recommended for all staff members working in such conditions, many insurers actually require it in order to provide coverage in the event of an emergency.
Participants in HDFF’s intensive 5-day HEAT course will learn how to: Recognize and avoid UXO/IED’s/land mines; How to prevent and respond to fires in the field; To survive a Kidnapping & Hostage incident from abduction to release/rescue by force; To apply life-saving techniques in a remote field environment; Respond with essential survival techniques during an active shooter situation; Understand best-practices for delivering aid in unstable, rapidly-evolving situations, Stay safe during outbreaks of civil unrest; Behave appropriately at legal/illegal check points; Enhance safety and effectiveness through knowledge of basic field navigation.


– UXO/IED Mine Awareness

– Fire Prevention & Reaction

– Kidnapping & Hostage

– Emergency Field Medicine

– Active Shooter

– Aid Delivery & Distribution

– Crowd Control

– Legal & Illegal Checkpoints

– Field Navigation

Fee information:

$3,200 USD – Standard Price
$2,900 USD – Early Bird Discount (Until 23 August 2017) Included: Lunch, Coffee Breaks, and Training Materials as well as Accommodation w/breakfast, Transportation from Bangkok to Hua-hin (vice versa), and 1 group dinner.

How to register:

If you would like to register for the course, please download the registration form attached to this page, complete it, and return it to us via email at, or you can register online at:

Course Code: HEAT-2017-2

Dates: 02 -06 October 2017

Location: Hua Hin, Thailand

Cost per Participant:

  • $3,200 USD – Standard Price
  • $2,900 USD – Early Bird Discount (Until 23 August 2017)

Registration Deadline: 15 September 2017

***01 September 2017 for other nationalities that require visa.**

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