Bangladesh: Training course on Fundamentals of Geographic Information System (GIS) – 27th Batch

Fundamental of GIS :Concepts of GIS, History and Evolution of Geographic Information System, Benefits of Geo-spatial Data / GIS Data, Varied Application of GIS, Challenges and Future of GIS

GIS Platforms & ArcGIS: GIS Platforms, Capabilities of different GIS platform, Facilities and Limitations of ArcGIS, Capabilities

Introduction to ArcCatalog:What and why ArcCatalog, Standard toolbar, Manu, Geography toolbar, Catalog Tree, personal geodatabases, Coordinate systems, Toolboxes, ArcCatalog search, Working with item descriptions and metadata

Introduction to ArcMap:ArcMap function and components, ArcMap Menus, Toolbars, Extensions, views of ArcMap and the Catalog Window.

GIS Database and File Format:ArcMap Supported database, Raster data, Vector data, advantages and disadvantages of different data format, Using geo-database, Advantages, types and limitations of Geo-database, Illustration of different files created by ArcGIS.

Map Projection: Basic Map Projections, Commonly used projection systems in Bangladesh ( BTM, BUTM, BLCC), Difference of the map projection systems and Geo-referencing. Projection Conversion /Transformation.

GIS database & attribute analysis: Digitizing features, Digitizing Scale, Snapping, Editing and Advance editing, Attribute data input and editing, Spatial and Tabular error checking

GIS Application in Resettlement:Landuse Mapping, Landuse Calculation, Land Acquisition Plan (LAP) drawing and Right of Way (RoW) survey drawing

Data Conversion:GIS Data files/ data Conversion to Google Earth KML/KMZ format, GIS to AutoCAD/ AutoCAD to GIS format

Introduction to Toolbox/Geoprocessing:ArcToolBox Window, System ToolBoxes, My ToolBoxes and Geo-processing, Analyst extensions

Map Symbology and Labeling: Categories, Quantities, Map color and labeling feature and using label toolbar

Map Presentation: General Cartographic basics, Map Elements, Preparing a map, Saving Map document, Export map, Map layout, Scale, North Sign, Grid and Graticules, Map Export in different format.

GIS / RS Data Sources:GIS Data Sources in Bangladesh, Freely available data sources for Bangladesh. Download Process, Google Map Data Extractions, Open Street Map Data Download


After completion of this training, a trainee will be able to

  • Introduce the basic science of mapping the earth, how to read, understand and create a map.
  • Introduce the technologies of GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing.
  • Introduce the basics of cartography and good map design.
  • All participants who complete the course should have a basic competency in ESRI ArcMap and ArcCatalog
  • Understanding of geographic data in Practical Field Understand the potential applications of GIS
  • Understand the importance of spatial data in different fields Successful participants will receive certificate and all documents in DVD.
  • Free ArcGIS for Desktop Student Evaluation Copy
  • GPAD will provide Free GIS Data of Bangladesh
  • Certificate of Training Participation


Anyone can join in this training. He/she must have basic knowledge on computer.

Target groups for this training are Government Officials, Government Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Geographer, Statistician, Academicians, Architect, Development Workers, Land Developers, Urban / Town Planner, Students, Researchers etc.


We have a good number of regular and guest instructors from national and international organization who are practicing GIS application in different fields in Bangladesh.

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