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Yayasan Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation) is an Indonesian-based non-profit organization, developing open source platforms for real-time crowd-sourced hazard mapping. The foundation runs the award-winning project, PetaBencana.id; a free web-based platform that harnesses the use of social media during emergency events to gather confirmed on-the-ground updates from residents, and displays these reports alongside government agency validations on a publicly accessible map. Since its debut in 2013 (as PetaJakarta.org), the PetaBencana.id platform has been used by millions of resident users to make time-critical decisions about safety and navigation during emergency events; it has also been adopted by the Indonesian National Emergency Management Agency (BNPB) to monitor disaster events, improve response times, and share time-critical emergency information with residents. The platform has enabled greater information sharing and data coordination among residents and government agencies, and was awarded the 2019 United Nations Public Service Award for ensuring integrated approaches in public sector institutions.

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