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Yayasan Solusi Pemersatu Bangsa is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization built in 2018 to address the issues rendering Indonesia vulnerable to the risk of division. Our visions are to sustain the unity of Indonesia and to establish a democratic society that acknowledges, honors, and refers to the values constituted by our Founding Fathers therefore Indonesia will portray the image of a friendly nation that is capable of cooperating with others. The missions are to look for solutions to the problems threatening the integration of Indonesia and to execute these solutions in an attempt to enhance the sense of belonging of the people of Indonesia.

In order to achieve our visions, Yayasan Solusi Pemersatu Bangsa initiates a movement called UNITI (Uniting Indonesia). UNITI is a movement for and from the younger generation of Indonesia that is established to strengthen the unity of our nation through the changing of perspectives, tolerance, cooperation, and pride of being an Indonesian.

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