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Personnel under Individual Service Agreement (ISA)

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)


ID: 100224)

Title: Tourism and Policy Expert –
Resource Efficient and Cleaner
Production (RECP)

Duty Station:  Bandung, West
Java, with duty
travel within Indonesia to be separately authorized

Start of
Contract:  February 2016

Duration of
Contract:  Six months (full time) with possibility for
renewal and extension
depending on satisfactory performance
appraisal and continued project funding
for tourism sector under the RECP programme

Organizational Context:

The United
Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized United Nations organization that promotes
inclusive and sustainable industrial development in developing and emerging economies.
UNIDO aspires to reduce poverty through industrialization that benefits
all and respects environmental limits. UNIDO’s vision is that every country has the opportunity
to grow a flourishing productive sector, increase participation in international
trade and safeguard the natural environment. UNIDO’s key programmes are aimed at poverty
reduction through productive capacity building; trade capacity building; and sustainable
production and industrial resource efficiency (www.unido.org).

implements the global Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)
Programme (www.unido.org/cp) in close cooperation with the
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). RECP concerns the
application of preventive environmental techniques and productivity practices with the
triple aim of improving the productive use of materials, energy and water; reducing the intensity
of generation of wastes and emissions; and supporting human development (in particular
through improved occupational, community and consumers’ health and safety). The
global Programme builds upon the achievements in establishing National Cleaner
Production Centres since 1995 in a total of over 55 developing and transition countries (www.unido.org/cp). A global network of qualifying
NCPCs and other RECP service
providers (RECPnet) has been established to foster knowledge management

networking and peer-learning, quality control and branding (www.recpnet.org).

Project Context

This project
post pertains to the National RECP Programme in Indonesia, which was initiated in 2012 with funding support from
the Government of Switzerland. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and
Ministry of Industry are the main governmental counterparts in Indonesia. The primary target
group comprises several categories of enterprises, namely small scale industries (focus on
agro/food processing, metal products, chemical and textile National Resource Efficient and
Cleaner Production (RECP) Programme Indonesia 2 sectors), industrial parks focus
on Surabaya, Batam and Makassar), tourism (focus on Sleman/Magelang and Bintan) and
micro-industries (potential focus on tofu production and informal recycling). The enterprise
demonstration activities are supported by project activities targeting innovation (in
particular towards cradle-to-cradle product innovation, eco-industrial

symbiosis and green chemistry and engineering), policy change and improved

access to
finance. The RECP
Tourism and Policy Expert is assigned in the main to the Tourism Component of
the RECP programme, whilst in addition
supporting the policy and financing project components, working with the Ministry of
Tourism, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and,

appropriate, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Ministry of
Industry. The position will
be based at the Centre for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Indonesia (CRECPI), located at the Institute
of Technology Bandung (ITB).

She/he will
work under the guidance of the UNIDO project manager and in close cooperation with UNIDO appointed international
Chief Technical Advisor (based in Bandung), CRECPI management and staff, and other
project staff assigned to the Indonesian RECP Programme. By providing her/his technical and
policy expertise, the RECP Tourism and Policy Expert is for the duration of the present
contract principally responsible to initiate, coordinate and support the execution of RECP assessments
in hotel and associated tourism sector, including training and coaching of national trainee
experts, and starting demonstrations in hotel and related tourism enterprises in
Magelang/Sleman region and providing input and support to the Sustainable Tourism Pilot
Programme of the Ministry of Tourism.

Function and
Key Expected Results.

Tourism and Policy expert will work under the supervision of the Project

based in the
Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit at UNIDO headquarters (based in Vienna,

Austria) and
with the additional guidance of UNIDO’s Chief Technical Advisor and National

Manager (based at the Centre for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

(CRECP) in Bandung). The
main function of the RECP Tourism and Policy Expert is to initiate, coordinate
and support the execution
of and follow up to RECP assessments in tourism sector (hotels and affiliated enterprises), and facilitate the
implementation of resulting RECP options by those enterprises.  Moreover, the RECP Tourism and Policy Expert is
required to provide input to relevant

policy processes, at MoT (including pilot activities on sustainable tourism

and certification) and MoEMR (including on energy and resource use efficiency).


The assignment is intended for a national
expert with proven competence in areas of environment and energy
management and policy. He/she shall have demonstrated
professional experience in hospitality and service industries, preferably
including hotels. She/he should have demonstrable knowledge of
Indonesian tourism and energy policy including agencies
and institutions involved. She/he should pose a team player and demonstrate ability to work
by his/her own initiative. She/he must have excellent oral communication
and drafting skills, in both English and Indonesian.


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