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Tri-Niche is a social enterprise that focuses on harnessing the power of information technology (IT) to assist welfare entities and companies such as building innovative apps to resolve their IT constraints and address social issues.

We are a team of passionate professionals who strive to develop a sense of social involvements and to raise welfare awareness in our society by empowering welfare entities and through collaboration. We believe by taking the first step in initiating social awareness approach, we can encourage the public to play their part in contributing back to our society.

We recognise that IT can greatly increase efficiency and effectiveness of organization’s operations. Therefore, Tri-Niche offers LOW cost, HIGH efficiency IT services for social welfare organisations and companies that serve social causes by improving their processes and increasing effectiveness so that they can better serve our communities.

Not just limited to providing IT related services, Tri-Niche also develop other in-house innovative projects that aims to solve various social issues through the power of IT by collaborating with welfare entities and corporate. IT has endless potential and it is always advancing and evolving. Therefore, we believe we should always upgrade and evolve with the rapid advancement of technology so as to tackle bigger social issue in the future.

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