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The year 2022 marks 16 years of RDI as an established think tank in Southeast Asia. The core mission of RDI is research–therefore, RDI promotes research based on the needs and opportunities. We aim to strengthen our research on resilience studies and sustainable development at the local and regional levels. This year, we have conducted various research and activities nationally and internationally. In Indonesia, we have covered East Nusa Tenggara, West Java, North Sumatera, and others. We have also reached ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

This year, RDI plans to strengthen the partnership across global think tanks and institutions in Southeast Asia. We strive to work closely with other parties to be involved in more interdisciplinary studies that are crucial to further improve resilience in extreme adversity as well as for the prevalence of evidence-based policymaking. RDI aims to spread out more impacts to broader communities across countries through our research and consultancy in the implication of resilience and sustainable development goals. One of our highlights this year is the collaboration between RDI and ASEAN Secretariat. We have successfully commenced a Joint Study on Urbanisation, People Mobility, and Inclusive Development across the Urban-Rural Continuum in ASEAN. At the local level, we have also implemented the Urban Living Labs (ULL) project, “Making Displacement Safer: Building Resilience of Urban Displaced”. It is funded by the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) and USAID. RDI has participated in more than 15 collaborative projects in 2021, including research and consultancy program in collaborations with several global organisations, namely ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), OXFAM, and Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP). Starting this year, we also coordinated with AHA Centre as the consultant for the ASEAN Standards and Certification for Expert in Disaster Management (ASCEND) Toolbox Development. The ASCEND aims to support and contribute to regional resiliency by ensuring the competency of disaster management professionals to handle disasters across the region.

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