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The Katingan – Mentaya Peatland RestorationandConservationProject (the Katingan-Mentaya Project) is based on the premise that we can still save large areas of peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo, o er local people sustainable sources of income, tackle global climate change-and base this on a solid business model. What de nes us is a no-nonsense, transparent and result-oriented approach to land-use and conservation in a part of the world where this is needed most.

At its core, the project is nanced by what it achieves in terms of sequestering and avoiding the emissions of carbon dioxide. Project is managed by an Indonesian company, PT. Rimba Makmur Utama, through an Ecosystem Restoration Concession (Minister of Forestry Decree SK 734/ Menhut-II/2013 and The Head of The Investment Coodinating Board (BKPM) Decree SK 23/1/IUPHHK- RE/PMDN/2016) granted by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Covering 157,875 Ha total of avast relatively intact peat swamp forest.

This central business model works suchthatthebene tsarepassedon to local communities, the local region and the wider State of Indonesia in which it operates.

The Katingan-Mentaya Project protects the peat swamp forest; it does not throw a fence around it and ‘close’ it. By respecting local land tenure, both legal and de facto, the project holds the basic principle that access to the forest will remain open to those forest-dependent communities that have traditionally used it.

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