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Prakarsa Borneo is a non-governmental organization that was founded on December 27, 2011 as a center for law, environment, and governance studies.

The organization has a governance board and membership that are largely comprised of lecturers from the main universities of East Kalimantan, i.e. Mulawarman University (Samarinda), Balikpapan University, and the State Islamic Institute in Samarinda. For the most part, Prakarsa Borneo’s members have a background in law, environmental studies and social sciences. Often in a combination of these fields.

The organization’s vision and mission are to promote an equitable and sustainable legal system in environment and natural resource’s management, that respects and appreciates human rights and people’s welfare in the present and the future.
Making law, the environment and governance issues the focus of advocacy has led Prakarsa Borneo to become engaged in various relevant activities such as research in the fields of coal mining, palm oil plantations, forestry issues and indigenous peoples’ relations to their environment.

Based on Prakarsa Borneo’s members’ capacities and skills in law, the organization also supports local governments (at the provincial level as well as at that of the district and city) to develop the academic papers required as part of new legislation and with drafting new local regulations. Furthemore, the organization provides legal advice to local governments, recently to the government of the district of Penajam Paser Utara and to the provincial government of East Kalimantan.

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