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Established on 23 December 1957, the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that pioneered the family planning movement in Indonesia. The birth of PKBI was motivated by the concern of the PKBI founders, which consisted of a group of community leaders and health experts regarding various population problems and the high rate of maternal mortality in Indonesia.


The realization of a responsible and inclusive Indonesian family and society.


Empowering the community to create a responsible family.

Building an inclusive youth movement.

Providing Comprehensive, Professional and Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health Services.

Influencing And Strengthening Policy Makers To Respect, Protect, And Fulfill SRHR.

Develop a professional organization to achieve independence and sustainability.


Strategy I: People understand and are able to make conscious choices according to their development tasks and fight for their rights ..

Strategy II: Adolescents are able to create strategic decision-making spaces.

Strategy III: Increasing the PKBI comprehensive family health service models that are referred to by other parties.

Strategy IV: PKBI has succeeded in influencing the Government to Support a Data-Based Comprehensive Family Health Model.

Strategy V: PKBI becomes a trusted organization with a strong and wide network.

Strategy VI: Central, Regional and Branch PKBI to become a strong organization in Institutions, Human Resources, Finance and Assets.

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