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Since 2009, LP4Y has been developing an ecosystem entirely dedicated to the integration of Young People aged 17 to 24 who are victims of exclusion. In each Life Project Center and in the Green Villages, the Young People follow an educational program, accompanied by a coach. In the 13 countries of the LP4Y Alliance (an international network of local organizations) action is being taken to encourage the socio-professional inclusion of young people.


Life Project Centers, set up near slums areas, create the right conditions for the Youth’s social and professional development. Each LPC houses one or more programs, with each program providing the opportunity for 15 to 20 Youth to follow Professional Training for Entrepreneurs. There are 23 Life Project Centers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar and soon Lebanon and Bangladesh.


Cilincing, in the northeast of the city and near the port, is one of the poorest areas of Jakarta, polluted and isolated. Young people live in illegal housing, have a low level of education and remain in poverty due to limited access to decent work. The consumption of unclean water causes serious health problems. LP4Y has decided to create an micro-economic activity called Source of Life, around water treatment and delivery. The service is offered at low cost, making it accessible to those living in slums near the center. The dynamic teams of Youth educate the local community, especially in schools, about the importance of drinking filtered water. Matakita, the second program offers reasonably-priced reading glasses to people who can not afford city prices.

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