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The Indonesia One Health University Network (formally known as INDOHUN) was established in January 2012 as a platform where leading academicians, stakeholders, scientists, communities, and professionals from Indonesia could transcend provincial and national borders to address issues of regional and global concern. The mission of INDOHUN is to implement the One Health concept across the country with the support of multiple disciplines. The vision is to improve the health of people, animals and the ecosystem, which are all interconnected for global survival. This meeting aimed to unite all health sectors in Indonesia (especially university) to conceive and build one health concept in Indonesia.

As in 2012, One Health will be promoted as one of national health agenda. Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia in 2011 will initiate One Health into some programs related to Environmental Health. Indonesia is a country with a very diverse mix of residents and has total populations of around 200 million people and 105 state universities spread across 33 provinces. Currently, between 105 state universities that are categorized as research universities is still very limited. To improve the quality and quantity of produced research, Indonesia needs for the establishment of the international prospective study, which will be able to make the publication of research articles to international journals.

For that, the establishment of prospective researchers from Indonesia, especially from Universitas Indonesia as one of the research universities in Indonesia, has been an increased incidence of infectious diseases in the world. One cause is no longer the case for humans and animals in traveling between regions. An effort needs to be done so that there is a balance between human-animal-environment. There is a new science that can be learned about human-animal-environment, which is one health. In efforts to establish a one-health science it needs to be an education. To support education curriculum needs to be made within the scope of a one-health. Indonesia establishes a plan to generate One Health concept.

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