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Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar/GIM (Indonesia Teaches Movement) is a
collective effort in fulfilling Indonesia founding fathers’ promise in
declaring nation independence through spreading out quality education to
all over Indonesia. GIM does not pretend to solve all education
problems in Indonesia, instead, encourage positive initiatives and
interactions between individuals and communities.

Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar recruits and trains Indonesia’s best
graduates to be deployed to various remote areas of Indonesia to teach
for one year in elementary schools. These tightly selected individuals
are called “Pengajar Muda ((“Young Teacher” or Educational Improvement
Facilitator). Anies Baswedan founded Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar in 2009
to be an establishment beyond programmatic approach, with an aspiration
to be a movement of Indonesian citizens to collaborate and take a part
in improving education quality.

Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar does not simply encourage young people to
become teachers. Through teaching experience, it also provides a means
for these young people to learn about leadership as well as to sharpen
their social awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by the
country. Simply put, it gives them the tools for character building.
When these young people complete their teaching service, they will be
able to share this valuable experience in their workplace and in
extension, inspire others.

Thus why our tagline is “setahun mengajar, seumur hidup menginspirasi” (teach for a year, inspire for a lifetime).

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