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Divers Clean Action is a youth-led environmental NGO working with Indonesian ministries, private sector and other NGOs on implementing regional and national programs, including scientific research of marine debris and community development. Our mission is to create sustainable collaboration to promote healthy ocean without litter. Divers Clean Action’s core activities combine science, human development, and marine economy with special way to create one database of marine debris in to support background studies for policy-making.
Indonesia is an archipelagic country with industrial growth centralized in coastal areas. As a nation dependent on oceans and rivers, Indonesia has declared to reduce 70% of marine debris by 2025 and without fostering the efforts by now, the issues may remain to exist. Divers Clean Action takes strategic approach to create impactful programs and ensures the delivery of innovative solution adjusted in each area suffering from marine debris issues. Our main driver is collaboration and empowerment to fully provide the best solutions in addressing marine debris issues.

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