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Waste pollution, particularly plastic waste pollution, is not a particular issue to one region only, but has been a global outbreak. For us who live in urban areas, there is already an existing waste management system in place though not ideal so we don’t have to process the waste ourselves. However, such system is yet to be found in small islands of Indonesia. In the absence of even organized landfill, they have no choice but to discard the wastes to the river, forests or any other place where waste piles are already created.

We are deeply concerned by how the waste pollution are impacting those who contribute the least to the problem, which are the ocean ecosystem and people who live in small islands. We are determined to turn this anxiety and energy into an initiative that could help alleviating the problem.

Therefore, Bhumihara is a social enterprise who synergizes with the local people in establishing and operating an integrated waste management system in small islands. We envision clean small islands in Indonesia where wastes are managed and treated locally, creating positive impacts not only to the environment but also to the local livelihood.

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