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Established in 1999, Begawan Foundation was launched with a mission to
give back to Bali’s local population by addressing nature conservation,
education and healthcare needs. Its first initiative was the Bali
Starling Conservation Project, which established a successful Breeding
& Release Program for this critically endangered species after
acquiring 2 pairs of Bali Starlings from England.
Begawan Foundation adopted a professional approach to the project of
breeding and conservation of the Bali Starling, and between 1999 and
2005, the Foundation’s captive population grew from four to 97 birds. A
total of 65 Bali Starlings were released during 2006 and 2007 on Nusa
In 2010, all captive birds and their enclosures were brought to a new
site at Sibang, near Ubud and adjacent to Green School. Three releases
have taken place since 2012, including two birds released by Dr Jane
Goodall and two birds by Secretary General of United Nations, Mr Ban Ki
Moon, in 2014. The life of these released birds is monitored on a daily
basis.Education also has been a tenet of Begawan Foundation since its
establishment in 1999. A short course has been conducted in SDN 1
Sibangkaja for year 4 students since 2014. So successful was the program
in 2014 that Begawan Foundation has returned to the school conducting a
new program focusing on a number of experiential activities. This new
course has been running since early August 2015, and continues until now.
The Foundation’s goal is to encourage local community awareness and
participation in ensuring that Sibang becomes an area where the Bali
Starling is safe to fly freely.
A not-for-profit organization, Begawan Foundation is funded by its
Founders and relies on donations to assist its important work.

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