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Training Providers for Procurement of IT (Information Technology) Government

 1.    Background

Alatan Asasta Indonesia (AAI) is a consulting, research and training service company in the field of public policy and capacity building for government management and administration. Currently, AAI is facilitating procurement modernization activities at the Indonesian National Police (INP) supported by US-DOJ / ICITAP Indonesia (The United States Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program). The objective of this activity is to streghtning the capacity of instituional, systems and human resources for managing the public procurement within the INP.

In order to improve the human resources of the INP procurement, training on public procurement is carried out and one of them is IT procurement training. This training is very important considering that there are quite a lot of IT procurement in the INP and the required specifications are quite complex and sophisticated.

2.     Scope of Work

In order to provide IT procurement training for the INP, AAI needs a training institution / company / team capable of providing IT procurement training for the government with the following scope of work:

  1. Developing IT procurement training curriculum / syllabus for the INP
  2. Developing modules of IT procurement training and worksheet for the INP
  3. conducting IT procurement training for 15 trainees from the INP for 5 days
  4. Conducting evaluation on the capacity building of participants
  5. Developing training implementation reports

3.     Deliverables

 Based on the scope of these activities, the deliverables that must be produced are as follows:

  1. Curriculum / syllabus for IT procurement training for the INP
  2. Modules and worksheet for IT procurement training for the INP
  3. Results of evaluation of participant capacity building
  4. Worksheet documents produced by participants during the training
  5. Report of thetraining implementation

All of the deliverables must be approved by AAI and US-DOJ / ICITAP Indonesia.

4.    Service Provider Qualifications

  1. Consultant company / training institute / Trainer Team with at least 4 years experience in implementing Government IT procurement
  2. Consulting companies / training institutes / Trainer Teams have sufficient trainers with adequate qualifications and experience in the field of government IT procurement
  3. Have a curriculum, syllabus, modules and worksheet for procurement training in IT and can be modified for IT procurement training in the INP

5.     Duration of the Activities’s Implementation

Training Preparation starting from the second week of March, and the implementation of INP IT procurement training on the first / second week of April 2021, for 5 (five) days (full day).

6.    Training Fasilities

Venue, accommodation and consumption during the training are provided and managed by AAI and US-DOJ / ICITAP Indonesia, including for the trainer team and trainees.

7.    Deadline for Submitting Proposals

The proposal must bebe submitted no later than March 5, 2021 to the following email address: and if there are some questions, please feel free contacting our customer service by WhatsApp(+62812 – 2623 – 4340)

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