Prospera is seeking to engage strong subject-matter expertise for a short-term position as Vocational Specialist (2 positions) to work with our Innovation team in the context of strengthening the beneficiary-to-training match of the Kartu Prakerja program, as a part of Prospera’s collaboration with the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMEA) and the Kartu Prakerja Project Management Office. These 2 positions are expected to help Prospera in mapping, evaluating and assessing the training courses currently provided in the Kartu Pra-Kerja Program through the following scope:

  • Review the existing categories of training courses in the Kartu Prakerja ecosystem and propose a possible improvement in the categories of training in line with the commonly used standard.
  • Identify skills and competencies (levels, general description, etc) of the courses at the Kartu Prakerja
  • Develop typology for popular training courses in the Kartu Prakerja ecosystem to be used as a repository to be adopted by its relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop recommendations of training courses/subjects for Kartu Pra-Kerja Program that could bridge the gap of skills and competency between the current courses and beneficiaries’ needs.
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