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About Ashoka

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who understand that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Ashoka is on an audacious mission – to create a world where everyone is a changemaker i.e. a world where everyone has the agency and skills to make a positive change in their families, communities, and at work. It is only in such a world where the solutions will outrun our social problems. With its global network of over 3800 leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) in 92+ countries, 10,000 youth ventures, 180+ changemaker schools and 30+ changemaker campuses – as well as with its community of 20,000+ innovators on, Ashoka empowers people with the skills to create and drive solutions for the good of all, and helps build and evolve enabling environments to help them thrive in a world of constant change. Ashoka represents the largest platform for social entrepreneurs and changemakers worldwide. Since its founding 40 years ago, Ashoka has provided stipends, support services and connection to tthis expansive network of fellows. For the past three decades, Ashoka has helped create the field of social entrepreneurship. Today, Ashoka is aiming for its next paradigm shift: a world in which everyone is a changemaker with Ashoka Fellow as the core of that. Examples of Ashoka Fellows include:

Mohammed Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2007)
Kailash Sayarthi (Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2015)
Katherine Lucey (Founder of Solar Sister)
Wendy Kopp (Founder of Teach for America)
Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia)
Tri Mumpuni (Founder IBEKA)
Butet Manurung (Founder Sokola Institute)
Irfan Amalee (co-Founder Peace Generation)
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Ashoka Venture and Fellowship Program

As one of the strategy to create Everyone a Changemaker World, Ashoka continues to identify and support the world for leading social entrepreneurs through an intensive human-centered process, selecting them into our global, trust-based fellowship of peers. The process of selection is a transformative and enlightening experience. Candidates articulate their innovations and how they have the potential to change sector-wide systems. They scrutinize their strategies and methods, and reflect on how they engage as individual and leaders in today’s work. The selection process in not simply a means to an end, but rather generates robust discussion, sharpens ideas and gives room for a journey of self discovery and growth. Ashoka’s venture process is an intensive process that ensure the election of only those social entrepreneurs who are truly pioneering systemic social change around the world.

Our office in 35 countries around the world receive thousands of nominations and from them, select new cohort of Ashoka fellows. We focus our efforts on sourcing and supporting social innovators who are creating change by tacking the systemic roots of challenge. These ventures are at the core of Ashoka’s movement to ensure that sustainable social solutions are implemented to confront humanitarian needs world-wide and to create impactful and lasting improvement that advance the wellbeing of society. Together with Next Now Program, The Venture Team enable the Fellows and changemakers in Ashoka lead social change across four interconnected areas that are central to creating a thriving world for all: New Longevity, Gender, Planet & Climate, and Tech & Humanity. Working with the world’s top entrepreneurs, we uplift new belief systems that challenge inequality at its core. By inspiring new thinking and connecting changemakers in surprising alliances, we bring the Next into the Now. Together, we are building a world where: Aging is redefined as New Longevity, which is synonymous with growth not decline. We leave Gender bias behind and embrace gender justice. Partnering with nature leads to a rebalanced Planet, and Technology amplifies the good of humanity not the bad

Opportunity: Venture and Fellowship Manager

Ashoka is looking for a self-driven individual with a deep commitment to social change to lead the selection of new Ashoka Fellows and manage the existing Ashoka community of leading social entrepreneurs Indonesia. He/she is an individual who has a strong grasp of systems change and share Ashoka’s vision of social entrepreneurship and building an Everyone a Changemaker world. The Venture and Fellowship Manager will work closely with Ashoka Indonesia, SEA and global team in relation with Venture and Fellowship works.

As a Venture & Fellowship manager, your main tasks will be to:

Lead the full selection process of new Ashoka Fellows in the region, from sourcing to international validation;
Build an active, collaborative and supportive network across the region to ensure a meaningful experience for Ashoka Fellows;
Manage communication with Fellows as well as knowledge aspects;
Coordinate with Ashoka Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Ashoka Global strategy when it comes to Venture & Fellowship;
Develop partnerships to support Venture and Fellowship work in the region;
Help represent Ashoka, social entrepreneurship and changemaking in Indonesia.

Bachelor’s degree required, with the research background is more preferable.
Minimum 2 years work experience preferably in community building, partnership or program manager especially in the social innovation/social entrepreneurs sector.
Fluency in both Indonesia and English, written and verbal, are required
Knowledge, skills and abilities:

Intrapreneurial individual, having built initiatives from scratch, either within organizations, or her own. A self-starter with a strong work ethic, positive outlook, and professionalism.
Ability to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and manage a high-volume workload at a fast pace.
A strong demonstrated interest in social entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Ability to easily adapt to a constantly changing environment and meet deadlines
Superb writing and communications skills.
Strong analytical and strategic thinking applicable to social innovation.
Exceptional team player with ability to build relationships and collaborative works with individuals of various cultural and professional backgrounds and develop partnerships.
Proactive and organized individual with strong project management skills.
Deep commitment to supporting social entrepreneurship and changemaking in the region in alignment with Ashoka’s vision, strategy and theory of change.
Personal qualities

Ashoka has a rigorous screening process for hiring staff at all career stages. All applicants for all positions must possess the following qualities along with the appropriate degree of experience:

Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship: Compelled to take creative initiative and ownership (e.g. founding an organization or company, starting a movement, or re-shaping the work of an existing organization). Demonstrates relentless and realistic how-to-thinking and passion for seeing their ideas come to life.
Understanding and Belief in the Everyone a Changemaker: Understands and believes the Everyone a Changemaker vision at a gut level. To be able to innately ‘get’ this, candidates should have a broad and inquisitive intellectual and a thinking pattern that connects the dots between historical trends and current social context.
Emotional and Social Intelligence: Ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams, putting organizational/team goal as priority.
Ethical Fiber: Exceptionally strong ethical behavior such as self-reflective, strong empathy skills and trustworthy.
Self-Definition: The person expects that changing the world in big ways and on a continental scale is what he/she will do in life.
Ashoka looks for entrepreneurs with a track record of generating new ideas and bringing them to fruition. We ask Please consider the following questions in your cover letter:

1) New Idea

a) What significant idea did you create and bring to fruition?

b) How was this idea new and different from others in the space?

c) What was the impact of this new idea? What new system was created?

2) Youth Entrepreneurship

What was your earliest youth changemaker experience, and how did it impact your career?

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