Vacancy : Documenter for the City/Regency-to-Province Dialogue

  1. Background

ICLEI–Local Governments for Sustainability is the world’s leading network of over 1,500 cities, towns, and regions committed to building a sustainable future. Yayasan ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability Indonesia, part of ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat, will be conducting City/Regency-to-Province Dialogue “Local Government Collaboration for Climate Change” on 14-15 November in Bogor regency. The activity is implemented under the “Accelerating Climate Action through the Promotion of Urban Low Emission Development Strategies” (Urban-LEDS II) project funded by European Commission and co-implemented with UN-HABITAT.

It is expected that the dialogue will serve as a forum to identify gaps, discuss shared challenges, share perspective and exchange ideas that will lead to stronger coordination between city/regency and province to deal with the multi-dimensional impact of the climate change.

This Terms of Reference elaborates the purpose, scope of work and output of the documenter in relation to City/Regency-to-Province Dialogue: “Local Government Collaboration for Climate Change.”

2. Dialogue Objectives

The objectives of City/Regency-to-Province Dialogue are as follows:

  1. Identify gaps and discuss challenges facing the city/regency and province in coordination, implementation and financing of climate change;
  2. Obtain updated information from national and provincial government on the relevant policies, instruments and tools for city/regency government to support NDC;
  3. Share knowledge and experience among Urban-LEDS II partner cities and regency, Ambitious City Promises (ACP) partner cities and APEKSI member cities with their respective provinces regarding efforts to realize low-emission and climate-resilient development;
  4. Provide a forum between cities/regencies and provincial government to discuss progress, challenges and identify opportunities in improving collaboration between cities and province in achieving NDC.
  5. Gather inputs for enhancement of national MRV systems, recognizing challenges in local data collection, commitment and action;
  6. Identify recommendations to enhance vertical integration in climate planning, action, and policy in support of NDC.


3. Scope of Work

Working in coordination with ICLEI team, the short-term consultant will perform the following tasks:

  1. Prepare and package event proceedings in accordance with the activities and discussions during the event, which consist of:
  • One comprehensive report of the proceedings
  • One report on the highlights of the proceedings (Executive Summary)
  1. The comprehensive report of the proceedings shall be written in English, while the Executive Summary shall be written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English;
  2. Capture substantive discussions and ensure that inputs, queries and comments with proper attribution (“who said what?”) are included in the proceedings;
  3. Summarize issues, recommendation, and actions points arising from the dialogue;
  4. Consolidate all presentation materials.


4. Terms and Conditions

The total working days for the documenter are 8 days, broken down as follow:

ActivityEstimated Duration to Complete
Proceedings Documentation1,5 days
Report preparation and initial submission of draft highlights (executive summary) and full report4 days
Revision (upon receiving feedbacks from ICLEI to the initial draft) and submission of the final proceedings2,5 days

Total: 8 calendar days.

  1. The proceedings and executive summary shall be packaged using the Urban-LEDS II project letterhead which will be provided by Yayasan ICLEI-Local Governments of Sustainability Indonesia.
  2. All instruments and equipments necessary for the documentation shall be provided by the documenter unless provided by ICLEI. Items provided by ICLEI are a recorder and a camera.
  3. All products, documents, and notes as a result of this contract shall be turned over to ICLEI and will remain an intellectual property of ICLEI. The use of all or parts of the proceedings must be with prior written consent of ICLEI.


5. Expected Output/Deliverables

Following the performance of the tasks outlined in the Scope of Work above, the short-term consultant is expected to deliver the following:

  1. A packaged proceedings of the event, consist of:
  • a comprehensive report of the proceedings in English
  • an executive summary which contains the salient points during the event, in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  1. Directory of participants;
  2. Copy of presentations, notes, documents and other recordings.

All deliverables should be submitted by the 4th week of November.

6. Qualifications and Expertise

  1. Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the work
  2. At least two (2) years of relevant experience on similar assignment particularly on climate change and environment-related events.
  3. Excellent communication skills-both verbal and writing in English and Indonesian language.
  4. Resident of Bogor is preferred.

7. Schedule of Payment and Conditions

ICLEI will pay the documenter the amount of four million rupiahs (Rp. 4,000.000) all inclusive, including tax and other expenses. The fee will be paid in full upon the completion/submission of all deliverables and after an issuance of a Certificate of Acceptance of Outputs from ICLEI.

8. Reporting Arrangement and Coordination

The City/Regency-to-Province Dialogue documenter shall report to Ms. Nisa Nidasari, Project Officer of ICLEI Indonesia office

9. Application Procedure

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