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Reference No. : CFCV/ID10/2021/074 – REISSUED

Position Title : Consultant Updating the Modules and Materials for Indonesian Migrant Workers Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) and Instructors Guide

Duty Station : Jakarta

Duration of Contract : 3 months

Type of Appointment : Consultancy

Estimated Start Date : As soon as possible

Closing Date : 03 December 2021


Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations, and as the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization. Read more about diversity and inclusion at IOM at

External candidates will be considered for this vacancy. This is a request for Curricula / Consultant Updating the Modules and Materials for Indonesian Migrant Workers Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) and Instructors Guide. The success candidate will be offered Consultancy Contract. Applications from qualified female candidates are encouraged.


  1. Background

The consultancy will contribute to the implementation of IOM Indonesia’s project, titled “Empowering Migrant Worker Households and Strengthening Capacities at Points of Entry in Indonesia.” Under the project, IOM will support the (national) Board for the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers or the BP2MI to update its pre-departure orientation modules.


Given the COVID-19 pandemic and limitation for physical encounters, the project will support the updating and digitalization of the pre-departure orientation (PDO) module that will be used nationwide through BP2MI’s local branches.  The updated PDO modules will then seek to address information gaps and misinformation that migrants experience.  Thus, the updating will include significant additions on the COVID-19 prevention and mitigation measures and other materials related to the safety and health at works for migrant workers prior to their departure, while on their journey, in destination countries, and upon returning to Indonesia. The updating will also include other important topics that are relevant to the recent needs among migrant workers, such as, among other topics that will be explored with BP2MI and other related stakeholders, this would include:

  1. Mental resilience building and self-care in facing stressful in workplace, including mitigating anxiety, preventing violent extremism in country of destination (building upon migrant’s vision and aspiration in migrating)
  2. Access to skills development (soft skills and hard skills) and economic empowerment (as to prepare later for their return and reintegration post migration)
  3. Financial and remittances management
  4. Access to justice and protection support throughout the migration cycle
  5. Access to social protection, including health care and workers welfare (pension guarantee, old-age security, death security, and job loss security, employment injure security)
  6. Prevention of COVID-19 throughout the migration cycle and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in countries of destination
  7. Care and protection to children of migrant workers at home
  8. Country-specific cultures, customs, laws, and regulations (pilot country would include the Republic of Korea and another country that would be determined later in consultation with BP2MI and IOM)
  9. Facilitation technique for instructors of PDO, including in forum organizing, facilitating and communication methods, and utilizing interactive and creative learning materials
  10. Prevention of drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS, trafficking in person, forced labor, and other kinds of exploitation and violent acts


In updating the module, IOM and BP2MI will also look to pilot including country-specific information of some destination countries, such as the Republic of Korea as one of the Indonesian migrant workers’ main destination countries under the Government-to-Government placement scheme.  In doing so, IOM will build upon the previous experience in developing country specific guidebook for migrant workers and the Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme that IOM implemented in other regions.


The digitalization of the training module will be made available and accessible to all prospective migrant workers who are registered at BP2MI. Through this, migrant workers’ and the instructors’ COVID-19 safety would be better ensured without delaying the delivery of the PDO for outgoing migrant workers. In addition, due to the limited time in the current PDO delivery, the online learning module would also support better and more comprehensive information and knowledge enrichment among the prospective migrant workers.



  1. Nature of the consultancy & IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing

Updating the modules and materials for Indonesian Migrant Workers Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) and PDO instructors guide.


  1. Task to be performed under this contract

The consultant will be responsible to conduct the following assignment:


  1. Ensure smooth implementation of all activities, which will include but not limited to coordination of activities and events to ensure the project delivery, such as arranging and facilitating meeting/workshops/focus group discussions in coordination with IOM project team.


  1. Facilitate and lead discussion, interviews, and consultation with relevant stakeholders to support the development of the PDO module, learning materials, and the instructors guide.


  1. Develop and/or update the modules, learning materials, and instruction guide for the instructors of PDO for Indonesian migrant workers.


  1. Tangible and measure output of the work assignment


  1. Updated preliminary workplan and technical implementation strategy
  2. Summary report of consultation meetings with government and non-government stakeholders and brief analysis on gaps and needs for PDO module updating, outline for each module, and proposed training materials.
  3. Draft updated and new modules, training materials (offline and online version), 1 instructors guide, and validation meeting with all stakeholders
  4. Final and endorsed PDO modules and training materials



  1. Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered

The total duration for this assignment is 3 months.



  1. Performance indicators for evaluation of results

The quality, targeted and detailed of the work performed as established in above as well as compliance with agreed delivery dates.



  1. Reporting Lines (Type of supervision that will be provided)

Under the direct supervision of National Project Officer for Labour Mobility and Human Development (LMHD), the consultant will be responsible to support the implementation of the project in updating the offline and online modules and materials for Indonesian Migrant Workers Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) and instructors guide, which expected to already include gender-responsive aspects and participatory approach, in which migrant workers’ engagement in the orientation sessions are expected to be put forward instead of the one-way, lecture-style approach.



  1. Consultant’s Workplace

The Consultant is expected to be based in Jakarta, Indonesia.



  1. Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/experiences required:

The proposed consultant(s) should have following competence.


  • Minimal Master Degree in political science, human rights, development, education, and other related fields.
  • Minimal 5-year experience in labour migration issue, andragogy, training facilitation.
  • Experience in working with government and non-government institutions at the national and sub-national level.
  • Experience in organizing and facilitating meetings/workshops/focus group discussions.
  • Excellent presentation, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Strong research and excellent writing skills in English.
  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to communicate and work with diverse people


Language: Fluency in English, both oral and written. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia is an advantage.



  1. Required Documents

The consultant will need to submit technical and financial proposal in ENGLISH.


Each submission must include the following:


  1. Technical Proposal with detailed profile of consultant (education, certification, including records on previous work experience especially in similar assignments), methodology, proposed activity work plan describing the activities and timeline during consultancy /module outlines, sample of output used in each phase and processes of implementation, sample of previous work (report/training module)


  1. Financial Proposal listing all costs associated with the assignment in local currency (IDR). In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following:
  2. Consultancy fees, including additional supporting resources person per day/activity;
  3. Variable cost inclusive printing of study tools, banner, meeting costs (if any)



  1. General Terms and Condition

Consultants should not assign, transfer, pledge, sub-contract or make other disposition of the consultancy contract or any part thereof, or of any of the Consultant’s rights, claims or obligations under the consultancy contract except with the prior written consent of the Organization, in conjunction with HRM. Therefore, only in limited circumstances, when approved in advance.



  1. Evaluation

The technical proposals of Individual consultant shall be evaluated based on the following criteria and sub-criteria:


  1. Specific experience of the Consultant relevant to the assignment: Points
  2. Candidate qualification & competence (education, certification)               (5)
  3. Experience (previous experience & sample of previous work)               (10)
  4. Knowledge of candidate on the project (relevancy of the proposal) (5)

Total points for criterion (i)                                                                                       (20)


  1. Adequacy of the proposed methodology and work plan in

response to the Vacancy Notice                                                                                  Points

  1. Methodology and Framework                        (10)
  2. Workplan                        (10)

Total points for criterion (ii)                                                                          (20)


Only candidate whose proposal having minimum score of technical proposal 25 (point (i) and (ii)) will be invited to present & clarify the proposal in an interview.


  • Interview                              Points
  1. Methodology and Time Frame                       (20)
  2. Consultant experience and background                       (20)
  3. Presentation and clarification to the submitted proposal                       (20)

Total points for criterion (iii)                                                                                     (60)


Total points for criterion (i), (ii) and (iii)                                                (100)



The final assessment will be considered based on the following points:


  • Technical Proposal and Presentation – 80%
  • Financial – 20%


  1. How to Apply 

Interested applicants must submit:

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