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USAID IDDS SIZE RoadMap Consultant – Scope of Work


Country of work: Indonesia

Period of Performance: May 15 – September 15, 2020

Maximum number of days: 40 Days



Indonesia is  one of the hot spots for Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) due to endemicity of key zoonoses, including Avian Influenza (AI), and potential emerging infectious diseases (EIDs);. Routine surveillance activities have not been prioritized. Reports from JEE 2017 and others have confirmed the current limited efforts from GOI to conduct routine surveillance activities. Under SIZE, the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, KEMENKO PMK has initiated an integrated information system between existing human and animal disease outbreak detection in emergency settings. The initial systems include the EWARS (Early Warning Alert and Response System) or SKDR, under MoH, and the Integrated National Animal Health Information System or ISIKHNAS, under the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services (DGLAHS) MoA. Then, the development of SEHAT SATLI (Wildlife Health Information System) will be developed by the MoEF.

In strengthening national detection and surveillance capacity to control the existing Zoonoses and/or anticipate the new zoonoses/EIDs, it is important to strengthen the capacity of cross-sectoral Zoonoses/EIDs information system (SIZE). SIZE needs to constantly develop in the future so that it could be implemented for various priority Zoonoses/EIDs and operationalized nationally step by step and be well planned. Therefore, there is a need to develop and operationalize the SIZE Roadmap which is agreed by related cross ministries/institution and national and international partners. A consultant will be hired to develop the SIZE roadmap document and assist the process of the document development until the final document is complete.


Scope of Work

  1. Develop an Inception Report with plan and consultation with related stakeholders
  2. Develop reports from available data or/and information relevant to SIZE from certain ministries.
  3. Lead focus group discussions (FGDs) with reliable and relevant resource persons with certain ministries in SIZE, including consultation with the GoI, GHSA Implementing Partners and IDDS Steering Committee, Expert Team, and the IDDS Technical Team.
  4. Provide recommendations for ongoing organizational strengthening and capacity building specializing in multi cross sectoral services in the one health system. Recommendations should take in account best practices in advancing regionally and globally (reference is ASEAN or international principles/standards), strategies and approaches to respond strategically towards trend in global health.
  5. Develop guidance and draft the roadmap for the implementation of SIZE including on how to mobilize support (technical and financial) at national and sub-national levels.
  6. This assignment will require extensive communications with stakeholders from different locations and in different circumstances and, with this in mind, it may be necessary to accommodate some irregular working hours.
  7. Upload all of deliverables and raw documents to the IDDS SharePoint site and make sure the folder for Indonesia is curated with relevant sub folders



Below outlines the Indonesia scope of work, including activities and deliverables, for the consultant:

Develop Inception Report with activities plan, consultation with related stakeholders and undertake desk review of existing relevant documentations and examine recent reviews.





Inception Report developed to country context,

which contains an overall approach to the work,

detailed workplan, and shows the prioritized recommendations, action programs and implementation arrangements (including timing, sequencing and resources needed), both national, sub-national, districts and village levels.


Minimum 15 pages, must be written in Bahasa


May – Jun 2021Approximately 7 days
Lead FGD meeting and consultation with stakeholders to present to relevant sectoral bodies and working groups to review the Inception Report, validate the results, key findings and seek agreement to the recommendations, workplans, action programs and implementation arrangements, including to collect data to analyze and identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives, capacity building needs to achieve strategic objective, include staffing and training requirements.






–   FGD and Meeting report


–   Presentation material


–   Activity Report which documented all of the development process


–   Draft thematic roadmap report developed to country context in Bahasa and English for review which will follow the GoI formats and structure, including:

–        The result of the assessment on the current situation

–        The institutional capacity building assessment based on the review

–        The institutional capacity and organization set up

–        The draft of comprehensive 5-year step by step SIZE implementation


Minimum 15 Pages, must be written in Bahasa


June – July 2021Approximately 15 days
Revise the draft of 5-year roadmap with recommendations, analysis of the problems and cross cutting issues related to the roadmap on SIZE and multi sectoral resources management to be presented to GoI and stakeholders to get final review and approval


–   FGD and/or Meeting report

–   Presentation material

–   Activity Report which documented all of the development process

–   Revised Draft RoadMap Report developed to country context in Bahasa and English to be presented and for GoI approval


Minimum 15 Pages, must be written in Bahasa


July – Aug 2021Approximately 10 days
Finalized roadmap, lessons learned, and recommendation document that made during the service period to be presented to GoI seek approval to be as National SIZE RoadMap



–     Meeting report

–     Activity Report which documented all of development process

–     Presentation material

–     Final Report of RoadMap approved to country context in Bahasa


Minimum 25 Pages, must be written in Bahasa


Aug – Sept 2021Approximately 8 day
Total  Approximately 40 days




The consultant must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Relevant graduate in the fields of administration, public policy, political science, information system studies or in a similar discipline; Master’s degree in management of public health sector is preferred.
  2. Minimum 3 years’ experience working with the Government of Indonesia, national NGO, International NGO, or other development organization.
  3. Experience in conducting roadmap development, public policy analysis, develop complex policy research methodologies, manage qualitative and quantitative data, perform data and information analysis, write concise and clear analysis results.
  4. Ability to lead a discussion and have good communication skills
  5. Have good interpersonal skills.
  6. Basic computer skills, with ability to use Microsoft Office, email, and other applications such as Sharepoint
  7. Strong written and verbal communication skills including in English
  8. Able to manage work priorities with minimal supervision.
  9. Ability to meet deadlines with strong attention to consistency, detail, and quality.
  10. Submit portfolios/document as the examples of writing or reports that have been made to FHI 360
  11. Working station in Jakarta and able to attend online and offline meetings.

Interested candidates please submit your CV and your writing example to by the latest 6th May 2021. Please put the position title as the e-mail subject and please ensure your attachment does not exceed 3MB.


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