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About Coral Triangle Center (CTC)
The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is a foundation based in Bali with a regional scope and global impact. CTC works closely with local communities, private sector, governments, and partners to strengthen marine resource management in the Coral Triangle to protect coral reef ecosystems, ensure sustainable
livelihoods and food security. CTC supports on-the-ground conservation in Nusa Penida in Bali, Banda Islands in Maluku, and Atauro in Timor-Leste. CTC operates from its Center for Marine Conservation in Bali, an integrated learning space for training programs, outreach activities, and artistic and cultural performances to influence millions of people to care for our oceans and those that depend on it. CTC leads regional learning networks of women leaders, local government executives, and marine protected area practitioners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. CTC is also a certified training center of Indonesia’s Government – Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and an official partner of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF).

Essential Functions
In cooperation with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and partners, CTC implements a capacity development program on a range of marine and fisheries management issues. CTC staff develops training modules and curricula and delivers training on various topics related to sustainable marine resources, marine protected area (MPA) management and fisheries. Many of these are associated with the accreditation and certification process of MMAF Research and Human Resources Development Agency (Badan Riset dan Sumber Daya Manusia Kelautan Perikanan – BRSDMKP) and other divisions within the MMAF.

The CTC is seeking candidate to fill a vacancy for a new full-time position – Technical Fisheries Manager (TFM). The role of the TFM will be to provide scientific and practical input, advice and review for the design, planning and implementation of the training and capacity building fisheries component of CTC.

Work will include leading or supporting tasks for three main activities:

  • Supporting the Senior External Affairs and Fisheries Expert (SEAFE) in communications with all
    national, provincial and local government authorities on matters related to the implementation of
    CTCs strategic roles as needed for the fisheries program and projects; and
  • Supporting external communications in close collaboration with the Senior Program Manager and
    Science Coordinator on matters related to all aspects of fisheries management, ensuring CTCs
    strategic knowledge and role is appropriately presented.


  • Leading development of CTC’s fisheries program related outputs, ensuring high quality and
    appropriate reflection of technical matters in all of CTC’s documents, tools and products;
  • Leading development of fisheries pilot project in Banda Islands and to link with district and provincial initiative, facilitate integration of fishery action plan with marine protected area zoning and management plan, and provincial level costal and small islands zoning plan.
  • Leading curriculum development and project development for all fisheries related aspects of CTCs fisheries program, ensuring optimal integration and delivery of all of CTC’s fisheries projects; and
  • Supporting the SEAFE in review and quality control of CTCs outputs on training and capacity
    development related to fisheries management, ensuring; i) reference to government regulations and instruments is up-to-date, ii) latest knowledge and results of fisheries science is well reflected, and iii) CTCs strategic role is appropriately reflected in all documents, tools and products.


  • Leading preparation and operationalization of the fisheries training and capacity development
    program in close coordination with the training and learning manager to i) implement key
    components of the fisheries training and capacity building program, ii) facilitate high level government participation in the fisheries training and capacity building program, iii) high quality delivery of fisheries training and capacity development through the CTC tools and iv) evaluate the impacts of the fisheries training and capacity development programs to a range of stakeholders aimed at increasing their capacity in the management of fisheries.

Responsibilities and working context
The position is based in Jakarta with occasional travels to CTC Office at Bali and the target training and learning agencies training centers sites such as Lampung, Central Java, Nusa Penida, Banda and the CT6, and the cooperating agencies training centers.
The TFM must attend meetings and consultations at the national and regional level as required. The TFM must have a valid passport and be able to travel internationally.
The work requires only minor physical exertion and/or physical strain. The work environment involves
only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements. The work is intensive, but flexible working hours may be applied as closely coordinated with the CTC Senior Program Manager.

As part of the job, on a daily basis, the TFM is expected to:

  • Resolve complex issues within the program area independently;
  • Analyze situations, evaluate alternatives, and implement solutions;
  • Interpret guidelines, evaluate information, and modify processes to adapt to change
  • Act as a resource to others to solve problems;
  • Make independent decisions based on analysis, experience, and judgment within a broad program
  • Consult supervisor on unusual or complex issues;
  • Ensure integrity of both data collection and management relating to conservation projects and project statistics;
  • Support coordinating partnering agencies and key stakeholders with responsibility for
    performance management, training, and development; and
  • Be responsible and accountable for meeting CTC strategic goals and objectives. As part of CTC, the TFM is expected to:
  • Work cooperatively with a number of staff and external parties, sometimes under pressure, in
    order to complete project work and goals in a timely manner;
  • Provide a variety of information to staff and others, contributing to projects and assisting
    workflow throughout the organization;
  • Work and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people, including scientists, preserve
    staff and others, providing and obtaining needed information;
  • Simplify and explain complex scientific and/or fisheries data to general audiences; and
  • Communicates strategic project goals and objectives.

Reporting and Coordination
The TFM will report directly to the Senior Program Manager. The TFM will work closely with CTC Training and Learning Manager and coordinate closely with other CTC managers and staff as well as with CTC partners and consultants.

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Post-graduate degree or equivalent in fisheries biology, or fisheries management;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of fisheries and resource sustainability issues, particularly in relation
    to wild capture fisheries (both artisanal and commercial fisheries) and principles and practices of
    the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM);
  • Experience in delivering fisheries management or scientific advice in a developing world context
  • Field experience working on fisheries management;
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment and demonstrate initiative in accomplishing
    assigned tasks;
  • Demonstrated comprehension of fisheries policy, regulations, management instruments and
    commercial and traditional fisheries practices in Indonesia;
  • Experience in delivering training on fisheries management and developing related training modules.
  • Experience in delivering fisheries management or scientific advice in a developing world
  • Demonstrated excellence of written and spoken communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and
    English language, directed at a diverse range of people and organizations and with a variety of
    communication objectives;
  • Experience with and proven ability to work with diverse stakeholders and interest groups.
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with other parties to obtain different data sources
  • Experience in developing, directing, and managing multiple projects and implementing program
  • Experience in analyzing data and producing data reports.
  • Experience in developing and/or delivering training individuals and groups; and
  • Working knowledge of common software applications (e.g.; Word, Access, Excel, Web
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