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The Investing in Human Capital for Disaster Management (INVEST DM) 2.0 program in Indonesia begun on May 17, 2021. INVEST DM 2.0 builds upon the achievements of the USAID/BHA Technical Assistance and training teams (TATTs) program (2014-2019) and the first phase of the INVEST DM program (May 2019-Jan 2021). Program assistance focuses on the national level, with many of the interventions expected to flow-down for sub-national uptake. It directly supports the Government of Indonesia (GOI) National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) in building the capability of its workforce (bureaucratic reforms and capacity building) and national DM capacity through education and training initiatives and improved systems and strategies. The interventions will contribute towards strengthened sub-national DRM institutions and people at key administrative levels who will be better equipped and able to fulfill their mandates to deliver effective DRM services and save lives.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has significant impact on government programs and performance, particularly for BNPB. Since the start of the pandemic, BNPB has realigned its program and budget four times to fill gaps that meet emerging needs and priorities. Many programs have been cut, especially BNPB’s assistance to service sub-national BPBDs. While BNPB continues to implement activities at the national level, the scope of services has also been significantly reduced. In response, BNPB intends to host a donor roundtable meeting to brief the donor community of this predicament and to explore potential cooperation to fill BNPB priority organizational development gaps and mothballed capacity building priorities. In preparation to for the event, a study on the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on BNPB programs and performance will be conducted to inform the roundtable discussion and dialogue. INVEST DM 2.0 will assign a consultant to support BNPB in carrying out the study.

Purpose / Project Description:

The purpose of this study is to describe more concretely the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on BNPB programs and performance. Furthermore, the results of this study will serve as input for BNPB in understanding these impacts in a more structured manner and as an evident base in dialogue with various parties, especially with the donor community.

Consultant Objectives:

The consultant will be responsible for the design and conduct of the study.

Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:


  1. Develop the study design and methodology (public expenditure review and value for money approach is highly recommended) and present to INVEST DM 2.0 management team and BNPB,
  2. Conduct BNPB data collection and interview with BNPB key persons, if necessary,
  3. Conduct data analysis, interpretation, and study presentation,
  4. Present the study result to the INVEST DM 2.0 management team and to the Sestama of BNPB,
  5. Finalize the study result/report and policy brief based with recommendations on input from the INVEST DM 2.0 management team and to the Sestama of BNPB,
  6. Develop a brief of the study report (slide deck) for BNPB presentation to donor roundtable.
  7. If required, present study findings to the roundtable and/or be available to respond to any technical questions that may arise at the briefing.

Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will:

  • Study design and methodology,
  • Study report and summary policy brief with recommendations (in Bahasa Indonesia and English),
  • Slide presentation (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) for BNPB-Donor roundtable meeting.

Timeframe / Schedule:

The study will commence from 24 January – 4 March 2022 (six weeks) with 15 person days of input allocated to complete the following tasks summarized below:

NoTaskActivity and OutputLOEDeliverable
ADevelop the study design and methodology and present to INVEST DM 2.0 management team and the Sestama of BNPBFormulize the problem statement, guiding key questions, methodology, timeframe, instruments development, KII (Key Informants Interviews) identification, and present to INVEST DM 2.0 and BNPB

·     Study design and methodology

·     Presentation meeting

2 Days·        Study design and methodology developed where GEDSI and SPM issues considered and preferred

·        Approval to the study design and methodology

BData collection and interview with BNPB key personsConduct data collection and interview

·     List of data collected, list of respondents, interview results of each respondent/transcript

5 DaysData collected and interview carried out
CData analysis, interpretation, and study presentationConduct raw data analysis (including data categorization and tabulation), interpretation and study presentation

·     Raw data documentation

3 DaysData are analyzed, interpreted, and presented
DPresent the study result to the INVEST DM 2.0 management team and to the Sestama of BNPBDraft report (narrative) and PowerPoint presentation1 DaysDraft of study report presented
EStudy result/report and policy brief with recommendations based on inputFinalize the study report

·     Final Report

2 DaysFinal report produced
FBrief of the study reportDevelop brief presentation on the study result

·     PowerPoint Presentation

1 DayBrief presentation developed
GPresent findings to roundtable and/or be available to respond to technical as may be requiredPresent findings and respond to questions as may be required1 dayPresentation of slide deck and Q&A (if required).
 Total15 Days 


The Consultant will report to:

INVEST DM 2.0 Governance Liaison & Legal and Policy Advisor

The Consultant will work closely with:

Deputy CoP, Senior Knowledge Management, Communications and Research Specialist




Required Experience & Skills:

The Consultant should have the following qualifications, competencies, and experience:

  • Minimum 10+ years working experience in development programs, with 5+ years of program evaluation experience including program design and management.
  • Technical expertise in disaster risk management and risk reduction (DRMRR) with significant experience working with government, at national and subnational levels, on technical training, workforce development, and organizational capacity development programs.
  • Familiarity with the whole-of-society DRM context in Indonesia, including DM minimum service standards and legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Candidate must have a deep understanding of government business culture and processes with experience working with BNPB.
  • Extensive experience in producing high quality evaluations (a sample or summary of a previous program evaluation will be required).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, including report writing and editing.


How to Apply

Prospective candidates shall email their technical proposal outlining (a) the proposed work plan; (b) Curriculum Vitae, and (c) price quotation to with subject “Covid-19 Pandemic Impact Study Consultant” no later than January 18th, 2022. Only candidates who meet the qualifications will be contacted.

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