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USAID SEGAR is seeking a short-term technical assistant of Integrated Area Development (IAD) Master Plan to Support IAD Development in East Kutai District, East Kalimantan.

  • Job code: STEKA2
  • Type: Consultant
  • Job location: Homebased (with potential travel to East Kutai)
  • Reporting line: Site Manager of East Kalimantan
  • Expected Assignment: Immediately – 31 May 2024
  • Level of Effort: 25 days

USAID SEGAR is a five-year (2021 – 2026) project funded by USAID, designed to advancing Indonesia’s development goals in balancing biodiversity conservation and sustainable land use with sustainable economic development and livelihoods inclusive. To achieve this, districts with high conservation values and high carbon stocks are becoming an area of USAID SEGAR support. It is hoped that resource management will improve nature and be more measurable in conserving biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from unsustainable land use, as well as promote economic growth sustainably and inclusive. The overarching USAID SEGAR intervention strategy is based on the principle that better environmental governance, reduced GHG emissions and the conservation of biodiversity in Indonesia involves more effective participation and action by a broad range of stakeholders including the government, communities, as well as private companies, and smallholders.

Within this context and supports prioritize biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from land use change, the activity seeks expertise to support district government of East Kutai in the development of Integrated Area Development (IAD) Master Plan based on Social Forestry Areas. In East Kutai, as of July 2023, social forestry permits have covered a total of 38,772 ha with 22 Decrees and 1 Forestry Partnerships issued. However, social forestry faces many challenges including the lack of funding. By employing the Integrated Area Development (IAD) approach, the development of social forestry can be strengthened by accessing support from various additional government programs/incentives, including those with non-forestry budget allocations. IAD can also underpin better coordination with the private sector.

The IAD approach requires district government to have IAD Master Plan as the basis for the planning management in the area. This SOW is to support East Kutai district government to develop an IAD Master Plan for selected social forests in East Kutai area.


The objective under SOW is to develop IAD master plan in line with the local government development plan.

Expected Outputs and Outcomes

IAD Master Plan document for East Kutai District.

Key Tasks and Responsibility

  • Coordination meeting for preparation of IAD Master Plan development. LOE 1 day – East Kutai.
  • Stakeholder engagement and initial data collection for IAD Master Plan of East Kutai. LOE 5 days – East Kutai.
  • IAD FGD in selected villages (cost-sharing activities with FMUs in East Kutai). LOE 3 days – East Kutai.
  • IAD Master plan Development for East Kutai District. LOE 11 days – Homebased.
  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to integrate IAD based on Social Forestry for East Kutai District. LOE 1 day – East Kutai.
  • Finalize the IAD Master Plan document (also to incorporate the IAD recommendation(s) resulted from FGD to develop potential project pipeline). LOE 3 days – Homebased.
  • Prepare documents of lessons learned and final report of IAD Master plan development process. LOE 1 day – Homebased.


  • Workplan for IAD Master plan development.
  • Short report on the coordination meeting including assessment matrix/document regarding the identification of potential areas and sustainable livelihood for IAD Master Plan.
  • Short report on stakeholder engagement and initial data collection for IAD Master Plan including any proposed recommendations/follow-up action plans.
  • Short report on FGDs in selected villages.
  • Initial draft of IAD Master Plan – as a result of preliminary FGDs and data collection.
  • Short report on FGD to integrate IAD based on Social Forestry with stakeholders including any proposed recommendations.
  • Final draft of IAD Master plan to be submitted to Ministry on Environment and Forestry/KLHK – as a result of FGD with stakeholders and follow-up of IAD recommendation(s).
  • Documents of lessons learned and final report of IAD Master plan development process.

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject to natural resources management, forestry, and sociology.
  2. Good knowledge in social forestry, natural resources management and ecotourism.
  3. Experienced in community development.
  4. Experienced in landscape based and community-based development planning.
  5. Experienced in drafting master plan related to natural resources management and ecotourism.

How to Apply

Please submit your application to with the subject line “STEKA2_YourName”. The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and early recruitment may occur until the position is filled.

  • This job has expired!
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