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USAID SEGAR is seeking a Short-Term Technical Assistant (STTA) to develop SOP SP4N LAPOR in East Kutai, East Kalimantan. The STTA is expected to commence as soon as possible through July 31, 2023, with a Level of Effort (LoE) of 35 days. Code: SP4N.

USAID SEGAR is a five-year (2020 – 2025) Activity designed to advance Indonesia´s development objectives in balancing biodiversity conservation and sustainable land use with inclusive economic and livelihoods development. To accomplish this, targeted subnational jurisdictions with high conservation values (HCV) and high carbon stocks (HCS) will be supported to improve management of natural resources that measurably conserves biodiversity, decreases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from unsustainable land use, and promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth. USAID SEGAR works to ensure that environmental governance (EG) bodies and natural resource managers equitably enforce NR laws, policies, and regulations (Outcome A.3.). The core strategy to achieve this outcome is to strengthen the demand for/supply of improved environmental governance by public, private, and civil society stakeholders.

In Year 1, the Activity supported the improvement of SP4N LAPOR (an integrated public complaints management system managed by the national government) to better manage community-level reports on environmental threats and transgressions. In East Kutai, the Activity assisted the local government to develop its SP4N LAPOR Action Plan 2023-2026 (East Kutai Head of District Decree No. 555/K.644/2022). Moving forward, the Activity will support the Action Plan implementation by hiring a consultant to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage reports on environmental transgressions.


  • To support the East Kutai district government to develop an SOP to manage reports on environmental transgressions received by SP4N LAPOR.
  • To assist the East Kutai district government to train SP4N LAPOR officers in the use of the SOP.
  • To document and share lessons learned from developing the SOP.

Expected Output and Outcome

  1. Draft academic paper – SOP SP4N LAPOR.
  2. Draft SOP to manage reports on environmental transgressions received by SP4N LAPOR in East Kutai.
  3. Training materials on how to use the SOP.
  4. Lessons learned report on developing SP4N LAPOR Action Plan in East Kutai.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • LOE 1 day – Develop workplan to assist East Kutai local government.
  • LOE 30 days – Assist East Kutai local government in developing SOP SP4N LAPOR, including: a) undertaking researcg and developing academic paper prior to drafting SOP (10 days); and b) Facilitating the development of a draft SOP and its adoption as a local policy/regulation.
  • LOE 3 days – Develop training materials on how to implement the SOP and pre/post test questions and result.
  • LOE 1 day – Write a lesson learned report from SP4N LAPOR SOP development in East Kutai.


  • A workplan developed with Comminfo Unit of East Kutai
  • A draft academic paper
  • A draft 1 SOP SP4N LAPOR
  • A draft 2 SOP SP4N LAPOR
  • Draft training materials on how to implement th SOP
  • Documentation and lessons learned report
  • Final submission –  a draft Bupati Decree on SOP SP4N LAPOR submitted formally to the Bupati for signing and training materials.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in subject relevant to natural resources management including but not limited to law, sociology, forestry, agriculture, and environmental science.
  • Minimum 7 years of experience working with the national and local government on issues that are relevant to environmental governance, public participation, complaint/grievance mechanisms, and law enforcement.
  • Having good legal writing skill and demonstrated knowledge and experience in producing academic paper and draft regulation.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the roles and dynamics of various stakeholders (government, non-government, and private sector) in natural resources management.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in producing high quality report in work related to environmental governance.
  • Good English and fluent in Indonesian.

How to Apply

Please submit your CV or Resume to with the subject line “SP4N –  Yourname”. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

  • This job has expired!
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