Sector Assessment Specialist for Public Sector Accountability

State Accountability Revitalization (STAR) ADB Loan 2927-INO

ToR Keyword:Sector Assessment on Public sector Accountability

BPKP as an executing agency (EA) of STAR loan 2927-INO will need to responsible to foster capabilities of Government officer for internal control, thus State Accountability Revitalization (STAR) Loan ADB No.2929-INO is supporting government priority to strengthen capacity of government internal auditor and government finance officer. STAR also supports BPKP to implement cross sectoral evaluation program through establishment of Regulation of Head of BPKP (Perka) No. 9 of 2017 as a general guideline for supervisory on cross-sector programs.

The consultant will help the EA to provide provide a comprehensive analysis on current conditions of public-sector accountability and provide recommendation on suitable innovations to strengthen financial performance public sector accountability in order to maintain trust from the citizen that the state will achieve development goal in an effective and efficient manner.


Provide comprehensive analysis and strategic recommendation to support BPKP in formulating an action plan to provide innovations and to strengthen financial for improving the performance of governance public sector accountability. The analytical result and recommendation will become an input for government medium term development plan of 2020-2024.


• Provide analytical work on current condition of public sector financial management, including
actions and output made by the government and actions to determine their success. The method for
this analytical work will include but not limited to gap analysis, root-cause analysis and benefit-
impact analysis. The focus shall include but not limited to human resources competence, technology,
policy, and guidelines/standardization
• Provide recommendations on programs implementation for better public sector financial management.
• Provide recommendations for proposal of program design (white paper).

1. Intensive coordination with Project Management Unit (PMU) STAR and another consultant who are
assigned by the PMU
2. Analytical work which will focus but not limited to the following issues:
• Current condition of risk management in public sector for an accountable and clean public
financial management using the four approaches.
• Impacts assessment on level of APIP capabilities and maturity level of SPIP on governance and
accountability to achieve development goal in an effective and efficient manner.
3. The analytical work must conduct through (but not limited) to the following stages:
• Desk review on relevant report and literature Study, which will include but not limited to
current sector assessment result that have been produce by PMU, as well as other documents that
published by the ministers/government agencies. Other document resulted from research activity of
higher education/ university/ credible national and international institutions/NGOs may also be
• Necessary data collection, to provide analytical work with suitable quantitative/ qualitative
data. The data collection may conduct through group discussion. The samples must represent the
targeted populations. For group discussion, each event will need representatives from 10 local
governments at each regional level. Periodic focus group discussion with several experts from any
relevant government institutions will also necessary to enrich the analytical work. The
consultant will need to facilitate/plan the discussion as well as provide/recommend cost
requirement, number of discussion forum, topics and output to be discussed, and stakeholders to
be invited.
4. Present draft of final report to BPKP as executing agency, ADB and relevant government
representatives and prepare recommendation in the final report which will also include issues,
lesson learned and necessary follow-up action.

I. Preliminary report which will include Methodology and plan and activity plan of consultant
II. Inception report which will include analytical work on current condition of public sector
financial management refer to desk review on relevant report and literature Study
III.Interim report which will include result of data collection and first draft of the propose white
IV. Draft report which will include strategic recommendation to accelerate coaching implementation on
SPIP and the implementation strategy for K/L/D
V. Final report in soft copy & 4 unit of hard copy

The consultant will have appropriate postgraduate qualification in public finance/ public administration/ public management/development and/or relevant professional certification. His/her significant experience in conducting policy program analysis and formulation program concept note are required. His/her experience in similar sector to public accountability/public finance management will be an advantage.
Consultant experience in working with various level of government in central and regional as well as the donor agency/international organization would be strong advantage. Good writing in English and fluency in Bahasa is mandatory.

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