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ADRA Indonesia is a humanitarian organization founded by country-level administrative entities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA Indonesia belongs to the worldwide ADRA network, comprised of more than 120 supporting and implementing country offices. The mission of ADRA is to serve humanity so all may live as God intended.

As a foundation (Yayasan), ADRA Indonesia has a separate legal identity from the sponsoring organization and is governed by an independent board of directors. As Yayasan, we obtain the right to use the ADRA name and logo and to become a part of the ADRA Network through accreditation and licensing processes by ADRA International. All ADRA activities conducted within the assigned territory of this country office shall come under the authority of this country office and its board as defined in the licensing agreement with ADRA International. The country office may be a supporting or implementing office or a combination of both. Every country office must develop its own strategic plan that aligns with the ADRA Network strategic plan and is reviewed annually.

ADRA Indonesia pursue its goal through program or projects-based partnership with ADRA donor offices, Gov./INGOs, UNs, Private Sector and philanthropy. The goal for ‘greater wellbeing’ is achieved through integrated and complementary interventions that bring together education, health and sustainable livelihood. Emergency management is integral to ADRA’s work. Responding to need created by disaster and conflict across the country has always been an central part of ADRA’s mission. The emergency management cycle involves all aspects of disaster preparedness, response, recovery, rehabilitation, and mitigation. ADRA Indonesia can activate deliver its initial response using pre-approval funding from ADRA network and scale up in partnership with donors (INGOs, UNs and Private Sector).


  • To have a clear and adjustable and competitive Salary Benchmark and Salary Review.
  • To evaluate the wage scale, toward the expertise efficiency and effectiveness of experiencing years professionally.
  • To provide a comprehensive recommendation toward best practices, gaps and recommendation toward organization’s cost sustainability.
  • Provide compensation guidance for deployment staffs


  • Review and analyze the current salary scheme in a competitive point of view from different NGO, from its planning based on project goal and outcomes with actual accomplishments, and examine the reason for such performance.
  • Make observations and by obtaining the information and data on the salary benchmark and salary review best practices arising amongst the NGO institution.
  • Examine effectiveness of the current Job Description and how the review and will be conducted to increase cognitive, competitive salary scale.
  • Conducting the Job analysis towards the current salary scale by considering the expertise as the main factor which affecting the decision of the salary scheme.
  • Examine and review the salary platform toward the more demanding factors, as well as the relevant system applied to decide the value of the salary toward the workloads.
  • Examine and review each capacity to enhance the initiatives of having the right salary benchmark and salary scale toward the internal and external factors.
  • Provide specific classification of employee’s information of each salary grade on the salary matrix.
  • Determine the appropriateness of strategies and approaches used to achieve objectives.

Qualifications Required

  • Individual or organization who demonstrate a strong experience Human Resources and Finance impact evaluation
  • Familiar with Salary Benchmarking, Salary Review and Governmental Constitution that govern the organizational Salary system that will contribute to Equality of Fairness.
  • Familiar with qualitative impacts study regarding Job Analysis and Job Grading in relation with Wage Scale and Salary Structure.
  • Having a previous experience conducting evaluation on Human Resources-Finance based related to salary management is an advantage.
  • Full understanding of Job Evaluation and Salary Survey related to Knowledge, Experience and Competency.

Evaluation, Review Time Frame and Outcomes

  • We expect to have the competitive outcomes from the evaluation and review at the end of the month of November 2022.
  • The outcomes of the evaluation and the review must be institutional-equality-based comparison without discarding other internal and external factors.
  • During the evaluation and review, an open communication and discussion is advised to be conducted with other external resources.

How to Apply

Deadline to submit the full proposal is with October 20, 2022. Only short listed of consultants/Firms are invited to present the proposal and the selected proposal will act as the agreement between parties as how to conduct the evaluation and review.

Please submit your Proposal by email to: and mark your e-mail subject
as: “Consultant for Salary Bench-marking and Review”

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