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RFQ Number: RFQ -Indonesia-2021-006

Issuance Date: 19 July 2021

Deadline for Offers: 9 August 2021

Description: CCBO- Laptops for Indonesia Employees

For: Clean Cities, Blue Oceans

Funded by: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Contract No. AID-OAA-I-14-00059-7200AA19F00016

Implemented by:   Tetra Tech ARD

Point of Contact:  Seri Tarigan, Finance and Admin Manager




Tetra Tech ARD is committed to integrity in procurement, and only selects suppliers based on objective business criteria such as price and technical merit.

Tetra Tech ARD does not tolerate fraud, collusion among offerors, falsified proposals/bids, bribery, or kickbacks. Any firm or individual violating these standards will be disqualified from this procurement, barred from future procurement opportunities, and may be reported to both USAID and the Office of the Inspector General.

Employees and agents of Tetra Tech ARD are strictly prohibited from asking for or accepting any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, object of value or compensation from current or potential vendors or suppliers in exchange for or as a reward for business. Employees and agents engaging in this conduct are subject to termination and will be reported to USAID and the Office of the Inspector General. In addition, Tetra Tech ARD will inform USAID and the Office of the Inspector General of any supplier offers of money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, object of value, or compensation to obtain business.

Offerors responding to this RFQ must include the following as part of the proposal submission:

  • Disclose any close, familial, or financial relationships with Tetra Tech ARD or project staff. For example, if an offeror’s cousin is employed by the project, the offeror must state this.
  • Disclose any family or financial relationship with other offerors submitting proposals. For example, if the offeror’s father owns a company that is submitting another proposal, the offeror must state this.
  • Certify that the prices in the offer have been arrived at independently, without any consultation, communication, or agreement with any other offeror or competitor for the purpose of restricting competition.
  • Certify that all information in the proposal and all supporting documentation are authentic and accurate.
  • Certify understanding and agreement to Tetra Tech ARD’s prohibitions against fraud, bribery and kickbacks.

Please contact Jon Angin, Chief of Party with any questions or concerns regarding the above information or to report any potential violations. Potential violations may also be reported directly to Tetra Tech ARD’s U.S. office


RFQ document attached

Section 1: Instructions to Offerors

  1. Introduction: On August 28, 2019, Tetra Tech was awarded the Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) program, a five-year, $48 million contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment’s Office of Land and Urban. CCBO is USAID’s flagship program to respond to the global crisis of marine plastic pollution, designed to target marine plastics pollution directly at its source in cities and towns, specifically in rapidly urbanizing areas throughout many low- and middle-income countries. Under direction from USAID’s Office of Land and Urban, and in collaboration with global, regional, and local stakeholders, CCBO will test, scale, and share inclusive and sustainable reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) and solid waste management (SWM) solutions in focal countries and selected municipalities within.The objectives of CCBO are to: promote 3R practices and strengthen local and regional markets for recycled plastics; build social and behavior change (SBC) for the 3Rs and sustainable solid waste management (SWM); increase capacity and effective governance for SWM and recycling systems; and support international fora, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and multi-stakeholder alliances.The project is on start up in Indonesia and has started to recruit Project Staff. The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit quotations for the indicated equipment for project implementation. Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by Tetra Tech ARD in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ. Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.
  2. Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than 1700 WIB Local Jakarta time on 9 August 2021 by email addressed to indonesiaprocurement@cleancitiesblueocean.org.
    Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of Tetra Tech ARD.
  3. Questions: Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 1700 WIB local Jakarta time on 5 August 2021 by email to indonesiaprocurement@cleancitiesblueocean.org. Questions must be submitted in writing; phone calls will not be accepted. Questions and requests for clarification—and the responses thereto—that Tetra Tech ARD believes may be of interest to other offerors will be circulated to all RFQ recipients who have indicated an interest in bidding.Only the written answers issued by Tetra Tech ARD will be considered official and carry weight in the RFQ process and subsequent evaluation. Any verbal information received from employees of Tetra Tech ARD or any other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFQ.
  4. Specifications: Section 3 contains the technical specifications of the required items. All commodities offered in response to this RFQ must be new and unused. In addition, all electrical commodities must operate on 240V, 50Hz.
  5. Quotations: Quotations in response to this RFQ must be priced on a fixed-price, all-inclusive basis, including delivery and all other costs. Pricing must be presented in Indonesia Rupiah. Offers must remain valid for not less than forty-five (45) calendar days after the offer deadline. Offerors are requested to provide quotations on their official quotation format or letterhead.
    In addition, offerors responding to this RFQ are requested to submit the following:

    Copy of official registration or business license.
    Delivery: The delivery location for the items described in this RFQ is:
    Komplek PLN P3B, Jalan JCC No.23 RT005 RW007, Krukut, Kec. Limo, Kota DepokAs part of its response to this RFQ, each offeror is expected to provide an estimate (in calendar days) of the delivery timeframe (after receipt of order). The delivery estimate presented in an offer in response to this RFQ must be upheld in the performance of any resulting contract.

  6. Source/Nationality/Manufacture: All goods and services offered in response to this RFQ or supplied under any resulting award must meet USAID Geographic Code 937 in accordance with the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 22 CFR §228. The cooperating country for this RFQ is Indonesia.Offerors may not offer or supply any commodities or services that are manufactured or assembled in, shipped from, transported through, or otherwise involving any of the following countries: Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, (North) Sudan, Syria.
  7. Warranty: Warranty service and repair within the cooperating country is required for all commodities under this RFQ. The warranty coverage must be valid on all commodities for a minimum of twelve (12) months after delivery and acceptance of the commodities, unless otherwise specified in the technical specifications. At the time that any commodity is transferred to the Government of Indonesia, or another entity within the cooperating country, all rights to warranty support and service shall be transferred with the commodity to that entity’s end-user.
  8. Taxes and VAT: The agreement under which this procurement is financed does not permit the financing of any taxes, VAT, tariffs, duties, or other levies imposed by any laws in effect in the Cooperating Country, when the value of such taxes exceeds Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 250,000. Invoices with VAT charges in excess of IDR 250,000 will be processed for tax exemption, which can take up to 60 days to complete. Invoices with a VAT value of less than IDR 250,000 will be paid in full within 30 days as per our standard payment terms.
  9. Eligibility: By submitting an offer in response to this RFQ, the offeror certifies that it and its principal officers are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise considered ineligible for an award by the U.S. Government. Tetra Tech ARD will not award a contract to any firm that is debarred, suspended, or considered to be ineligible by the U.S. Government.
  10. Evaluation and Award: The award will be made to a responsible offeror whose offer follows the RFQ instructions, meets the eligibility requirements, and meets or exceeds the minimum required technical specifications, and is judged to be the best value based on a lowest-price, technically-acceptable basis.
    Please note that if there are significant deficiencies regarding responsiveness to the requirements of this RFQ, an offer may be deemed “non-responsive” and thereby disqualified from consideration. Tetra Tech ARD reserves the right to waive immaterial deficiencies at its discretion.
    Best-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that award will be made solely on the basis of these original quotations. However, Tetra Tech ARD reserves the right to conduct any of the following:
  • Tetra Tech ARD may conduct negotiations with and/or request clarifications from any offeror prior to award.
  • While preference will be given to offerors who can address the full technical requirements of this RFQ, Tetra Tech ARD may issue a partial award or split the award among various suppliers, if in the best interest of the USAID Oceans Program.
  • Tetra Tech ARD may cancel this RFQ at any time.

Please note that in submitting a response to this RFQ, the offeror understands that USAID is not a party to this solicitation and the offeror agrees that any protest hereunder must be presented—in writing with full explanations—to the USAID CCBO Program for consideration, as USAID will not consider protests regarding procurements carried out by implementing partners. Tetra Tech ARD, at its sole discretion, will make a final decision on the protest for this procurement.

  1. Terms and Conditions: This is a Request for Quotations only. Issuance of this RFQ does not in any way obligate Tetra Tech ARD, the USAID CCBO Program, or USAID to make an award or pay for costs incurred by potential offerors in the preparation and submission of an offer.

This solicitation is subject to Tetra Tech ARD standard terms and conditions. Any resultant award will be governed by these terms and conditions; a copy of the full terms and conditions is available upon request. Please note the following terms and conditions will apply:

    • Tetra Tech ARD standard payment terms are net 30 days after receipt and acceptance of any commodities or deliverables. Payment will only be issued to the entity submitting the offer in response to this RFQ and identified in the resulting award; payment will not be issued to a third party.
    • Any award resulting from this RFQ will be firm fixed price, in the form of a purchase order.
    • No commodities or services may be supplied that are manufactured or assembled in, shipped from, transported through, or otherwise involving any of the following countries: Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, (North) Sudan, Syria.
    • Any international air or ocean transportation or shipping carried out under any award resulting from this RFQ must take place on U.S.-flag carriers/vessels.
    • United States law prohibits transactions with, and the provision of resources and support to, individuals and organizations associated with terrorism. The supplier under any award resulting from this RFQ must ensure compliance with these laws.
    • The title to any goods supplied under any award resulting from this RFQ shall pass to Tetra Tech ARD following delivery and acceptance of the goods by Tetra Tech ARD. Risk of loss, injury, or destruction of the goods shall be borne by the offeror until title passes to Tetra Tech ARD.

RFQ document attached

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