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Request for Proposal (RFP)


Branding Services: Creating a Brand Identity and Defining Branding Strategy for Private Health Providers Network of TB Program


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major public health issue in Indonesia. With an estimated 845,000 new cases of TB annually, Indonesia has the second highest TB burden globally. The Government of Indonesia’s commitment to End TB by 2030 requires support from all stakeholders at the national and subnational level to play their role and contribute to these efforts.

At present, issues such as lack of access to TB diagnostics and treatment and non-integrated information systems present barriers to private providers’ involvement in TB care, contributing to the potential for reduced case finding and suboptimal treatment outcomes. Some studies found that the preferences of community to find their treatment, especially diagnosis or initial treatment related to TB, was diverse. Based on the Patient Pathway Analysis Study in 2017, people with TB symptoms (seeking initial treatment) prefer to go to private health care facilities (74%) rather than public health centers and hospitals (24%), yet the private sector contribution to the national TB case finding is reported at 19% only. This highlights a potential role for the private sector to reduce the number of missing TB cases.

Insufficient private sector engagement is an important factor hampering current TB control efforts in Indonesia. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Tuberculosis Private Sector (TBPS) activity works with private-sector health providers in Indonesia to increase tuberculosis (TB) case detection and reporting, enhance access to state-of-the-art diagnostics and medicines, and promote public-sector stewardship for a sustained commitment to a TB-free Indonesia. USAID TBPS strategies include the introduction of health care financing schemes that provide adequate incentives and enablers; efforts to ensure consistent and reliable access to high-quality diagnostic tools and appropriate treatment regimens, including fixed-dose combinations (FDCs); improved private sector providers’ technical competencies in TB care; simple and user-friendly tools for notification; and effective governance of public-private mix TB services.

USAID TBPS works to empower and improve the capacities of collaborative partners, such as professional organizations and provider associations, as conduits to reach and involve private sector target groups to contribute to ending TB in Indonesia through this. USAID TBPS sees the potential for applying branding as a package of interventions within the network of private providers (private hospitals, private clinics, GPs, Labs and Pharmacists). The branding intervention will be piloted in one of USAID TBPS area and focused on private clinics and GPs. The pilot will determine the intervention’s feasibility that aims to achieve standardized quality care provided in convenient settings, and ultimately to take successful model to scale, and avoiding the continual reinvention of the wheel, this branding will also be used as a mechanism for certification. With this objective in mind, FHI 360 as the prime implementer of USAID TBPS Activity is looking for a branding agency or branding consultant that can convey the distinctive message of the concept in tangible element (brand identity) and a brand strategy.

This request for proposal seeks an agency/supplier to provide a brand blueprint (set of high-level recommendations for the vision, values, and expression for branded network concept with suggested design and applications) and its validation with USAID TBPS stakeholders.

The full RFP document can be access in this link:

https://fhi360web-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/fhutajulu_fhi360_org/EsoIzXY9K_RPkFtbpVS7lZkB1KKvWwTp2_NaNiZy3IYgDw?e=jU5AfD for your reference (please copy and paste the link address into your browser if it cannot open directly).


Date Questions from Bidders Due:  21 June 2021 at 10:00 AM (Jakarta Time)

Date Proposal Due                             :  25 June 2021 at 6:00 PM (Jakarta Time)

Submission format:

Please submit the proposal as required on the full RFP document (above link) by email to procurementIndoTBPS@fhi360.org. The submissions should be emailed in PDF, word or excel formats, with the submission email title of “RFP: TBPS_04.2021.102-Branding Services”.


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