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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working in Indonesia since 1975, mainly on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other German Ministries, as well as other development partners and the private sector. With its DeveloPPP.de Programme, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) helps driving forward companies’ innovative projects in developing countries and emerging markets while generating long-term benefits for the local population

In Southeast Asia, The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of BMZ is implementing a number of partnership projects with the private sector, mostly in the agribusiness sector. These partnership projects focus strongly on smallholder development and integration of smallholder farmers into supply chains. Starting from 2018, all partnership projects have been bundled in the newly set-up Business Hub, coordinated out of Jakarta.
DevPPP is searching for: Consultancy for Model Development for Sustainable Farmer Training Centre in North Sumatera
The detail services are set forth in the attached of Term of Reference below:

Business Model Development for
Sustainable Farmer Training Centre in North Sumatera
1 Background
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working in Indonesia since 1975, mainly on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other German Ministries, as well as other development partners and the private sector.

Recently, GIZ in cooperation with PT. Indocafco and UTZ-Rainforest Alliance, started a new project, T.O.B.A. The objective is to strengthen the resilience of smallholder coffee farmers in the Toba Lake region against the effects of climate change, improve their productivity and increase their income. It will develop, test and implement a range of services around a farmer training center. All services are aimed to be designed in a way to achieve commercial sustainability and to ensure scaling up and replication to reach up 1.000 smallholders in North Sumatera, especially in the regions of Simalunggun, Karo and Samosir.

The frameworks of this project are built on the characteristics that clearly address defined goals for impact on the lives of smallholder farmers including women farmers and young generation of farmers, through some work packages.
Work Packages
1 Preparatory Activities Preparation and Developing M&E system

Result Areas
2 Farmer support and capitalization of best practices and evidence base
1. GAP and Post-Harvest Handling
2. Triple Integrated Pest Management
3. Agroforestry and shade management
4. Renovation program
5. Crop nutrition advisory
3 Organizational set up of FTC 6. Developing sustainable FTC Model
4 Cross-cutting 7. Women and youth inclusive programing
8. Scaling up and exit strategy

This project attempts to offer a public-private-partnership model related to farming, enhancing market and the management of natural resources and environment in the Arabica coffee sub-sector.
The project aims at developing all services aiming towards commercial sustainability of the Farmer Training Centre (FTC), i.e. developing a business model for the FTC so it can sustain on itself after the end of the project and also continuously providing services for the benefits of the farmers. This includes looking on the organizational structure (ECOM and FTC), screening of potential cooperation partners (including public partners and local CSO), and also making sure that the services offered by the center are reflecting markets need and are set up in a way that they can be self-sustaining once the project is concluded.

In order to establish commercially viable, independent and sustainable FTC, it is necessary to gain a better overview of the real situation, the needs and any potential aspects related to the T.O.B.A project then to jointly with different partners discuss options for a business model for the FTC, support the design of the business model and supervise the implementation of the most suitable serial of activities for the sustainable FTC.

2 Objective of this Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to jointly with the different partners develop a commercially viable business model for the FTC.
In order to achieve this objective, it will be necessary to:
• Provide advice and recommendations regarding the assets and advantages of FTC and future potential programs for the FTC to be self-sustaining and sustainable
• Designing set of activities program in a meaningful and purposeful manner
• Accompany and supervise the implementation of the pilot activities recommended from the results of the analysis and discussion

Referring to the objectives of the T.O.B.A. project, the recommendations project planning shall be analyzing the latest situation of all aspects related to FTC. This is including:

• The potential of FTC to be a soil analysis laboratory that can be a learning and information centre for the farmers surround the TOBA lake
• The potential of the FTC to become an agri-tourism destination attraction that can be independently attract visitors or synergized with other tourism potentials and programs surrounding TOBA lake
• The potential of the FTC to become an independent knowledge and training center to surrounding smallholder farmers (groups) and possibly government’s agent or partner
• The potential of future synergized activities which involving the civil society organization (CSO) in TOBA project.

3 Tasks and Deliverables
The consultant will perform the following tasks:
> Desk research
Do some background research on business model areas that were already taken into consideration and assess the current situation with regards to potential for the project. Areas that are already predefined are:
• Availability of soil testing/laboratory service surround project areas and all aspects related to the services provided.
• Related National and Local Government programs surrounding Lake Toba in Agribusiness (including existing soil analysis/laboratory) and tourism that might support with financing of a business model
• Potential for agri-tourism in the area and relevant role models from other areas in Indonesia
Additional areas for desk research will jointly be decided at the beginning of the assignment.

> Field study
• To assess the latest situation of the FTC and its future plan
• How far that the farmers are interested to access and use the existing facilities of the soil analysis laboratory (including if it is located in FTC) and whether they are willing to pay the services
• Assess the plan of the (province and districts) government related to the development of Toba Lake as the leading tourism destination and how FTC can contribute.

> Business Model development: together with all major project partners as well as other important stakeholders conduct a solid assessment of the potential value that can be created by FTC for different target groups, and the commercial potential within available options. Methods that might be taken as a reference include e.g. Business Model Canvas or similar methods.

> Activities Plan: Clarify the detailed objectives of the assessment plan and its scope with GIZ and steering committee members. In order to facilitate the discussion, the consultant has to deliver a working plan outlining the main steps for carrying out the implementation, a timeline, supporting budget needed and the persons involved.

> Coaching and support in implementation of business model: accompany initial measures to put the business model into practice, advice steering committee on necessary support measures, advice different stakeholders contributing to the success of the business model during first steps of implementation.

> Submit the final report
4 Requested Expertise
Professional background of the key experts:
 Master Degree in Business and/or Marketing with strong related experiences on the fields related to the agriculture/tourism sector;
 A minimum of ten years of practical working experience in the business development;
 Able to perform strong methodological and systematic approach for the aforementioned purpose;
 Proven experience in success and sustain business development concepts.
Other skills:
 Strong network within the Indonesian agriculture and tourism industry;
 Facilitation and research skills;
 Strong analytical skills;
 Relevant experience/s in community development and working with various stakeholders in the designated sector are of high importance.
 Excellent communication and presentation skills, especially in Bahasa Indonesia;
 Proven experience in communicating, as well as writing reports in English.
5 Time Frame
The consultant shall work up to 50 working days for the tasks and outputs specified in section 3. The period of assignment shall be from 20th August 2018 until 31st October 2019.

No. Activities No. of day(s) Timeline
1 Coordination meeting 1 day (date) August 2018
2 Desk research and field works (Survey/interviews) 10 days (date) August – September 2018
3 Business Model development and Activities Plan 5 days (date) September 2018
4 Draft presentation and Operation Planning (OP) 2 days (date) September 2018
5 Coaching and support the implementation of OP #1 10 days (date) October 2018 – January 2019
6 Evaluation Meeting and Exit Strategy Development 2 days (date) February 2019
7 Coaching and support the implementation of OP #2 10 days (date) February – June 2019
8 Evaluation Meeting 2 days (July 2019)
9 Coaching and support the implementation of OP #3 5 days (date) July – October 2019
10 Final report 3 days (date) October 2019
Total 50 days

6 Amendments of the Terms of Reference
These Terms of Reference may be amended in writing only, subject to the agreement of both parties.
7 Reporting
The consultant will be accountable to the Senior Advisor of Inclusive Business.

8. Expression of interest

If you are interested in this assignment, please send us a written offer, describing why you consider yourself or your company suitable for the assignment and how you plan to fulfil it. Offer shall also be complemented with training management proposal, detailing proposed approaches and methodology from the planning of training facilitation up to the training evaluation.
Please attach a financial offer (mandays and travel cost separated) as well as CVs of assigned expert/s (including bank account and copy of NPWP).

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