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The Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI) is a national platform of Stop TB Partnership. STPI provides a platform of inter-sectorial partnership that supports National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) since 2013. This organization consists of 75 national and international partners that collaborate to end TB in Indonesia. STPI operates under the strategic direction of a wide range of expertise, such as the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board, representing public health practitioners, academia, development partners, as well as public and private sector.

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1.1       Purpose

1.1.1    STPI invites proposals (Proposals) from qualified audit firms (Proponents) to provide External Audit Services (Services). The STPI’s selection is subject to the approval of the Executive Director.

1.1.2    The services will commence with auditing the fiscal year ending Dec 31, 2020.



2.1       Request for Proposal Stage

2.1.1    Proposals must be submitted before 20th December 2020 in accordance with the requirements of this Request of Proposal (RFP). Following the evaluation of the Proposals, the successful Proponent will be invited to enter into a contract for the Services.


3.0       SCOPE OF WORK

3.1       Role of External Audit

3.1.1    The scope of work for the Service is set out in Appendix A.


4.0       EVALUATION

4.1       Evaluation Criteria

4.1.1    The Evaluation Committee will evaluate the Proposals in accordance with below criteria.

ItemContentEvaluation CriteriaScoring (Point)
Roles and Qualification–       Experience and Success

–       Personnel

–       Resumes for key personnel

–       Experience and qualifications with a description and role of external audit’s key personnel

–       Successful contracts with similar clients

Availability–       Discuss availability of key personnel–       Availability of key personnel for duration of the contract25
Methodology–       Approach to work–       Confirm all tasks that would be provided that are necessary to complete the scope of work described in Appendix A

–       Schedule and timelines

External Audit Costs and Remuneration–       Fixed fee for the described scope of work set out in Appendix A

–       Disbursements cost estimate

–       Terms and condition under which the Auditor might request a variation in the fixed fee

–       Fee schedule for team including titles and hourly rates (if relevant to variation in fee proposals)

–       Fixed fee

–       Total estimated costs (fee plus disbursements)

–       Potential outcomes from variation in the terms and conditions

Total Scoring (Points)100



5.1       A written notice to the successful Proponent will be the only valid form of notification of award.



6.1       Submission Time and Location

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This Appendix A will form the basis for the scope of work under the contract.


  1. The successful Proponent will provide the Services for the External Audit Services as follows :
  2. Undertake an independent annual audit of the STPI’s financial transaction as of January 01,2020 to December 31, 2020 in accordance with General Accepted Auditing Standards;
  3. Provide an independent opinion as to whether the financial statements fairly presented and reported;
  4. Exercise professional judgement to identify and assess rhe risks of material misstatement in the financial statements;
  5. Evaluate the appropriateness of the STPI’s accounting policies and internal controls and the reasonableness of any accounting estimates;
  6. Evaluate the overall presentation, structure and content of the Board’s financial statements and disclosures, and whether the statements correctly represents the underlying transactions and events;
  7. Provide the STPI with a management letter that includes comments on the audit, identifies any discrepancies in the STPI’s reporting systems and suggestions for changes to reporting or governance.
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