REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (EOI) TATTs Short-Term Technical Assistance: Study Leader/Economic Impact Specialist


TATTs Short-Term Technical Assistance: Study Leader/Economic Impact Specialist


Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia is currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI) for Short-Term Technical Assistance for USAID-funded program Institutionalizing Disaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of BPBDs in Indonesia through Technical Assistance and Training Teams (TATTs). The TATTs program adopts a consortium approach with its partner members comprising of Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), Lingkar Association, and University Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction (UF-DRR). TATTs Consortium, the UF-DRR is responsible for building the capacity of provincial higher education institutions to contribute to improved local DRR policy and practice.

TATTs Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia, in collaboration with TATTs UF-DRR TATTs will support the BNPB and BPBDs to develop and test a simplified model to assess post-disaster economic damage and loss caused by high-frequency localized hydro-meteorological disasters. The study will consider the wider socio-economic dimensions of natural disasters including the impact these events have on essential services, commerce and livelihoods resulting from damaged infrastructure; and disruptions to local transport systems and the flow of goods and services within, and through, affected areas. The model should be cost-effective in terms of resource and level of effort requirements with local government able to deploy the instrument using locally available human resources and secondary data sets (e.g. data available/collected by local BPBDs, statistical data from Central Statistical Bureau and from other relevant local agencies).

A simple instrument with guidelines will be developed based on the results of the modelling. The instrument will be designed for the use of local government agencies, responsible of conducting rapid post-disaster needs and economic impact assessments and used to develop local post disaster recovery strategies and action plans and to secure recovery funding. It is expected that the application of the tools will provide decision makers with a quick, easy deployed and managed cost-effective method of estimating the economic impact of disasters at a local level. The time taken to conduct and present the preliminary findings of assessment should be within a period of two weeks from the occurrence of the event, require minimum primary data collect with the analysis based mostly on available secondary data; and the observations and information collected from the initial assessment conducted by the rapid response teams.

Importantly, the routine collection and analysis of this data will be used to inform local leadership and decision makers about the accumulative effect these events are have on the development of the local economy. The availability of this data is expected to lead to increased funding for local DRR interventions.


Key Responsibility

The consultant will develop the Practical Guidelines for Estimating and Assessing Economic Impact of Natural Disasters with a focus on localized high-frequency hydro-meteorological, events based on an ‘Infrastructure Perspective’. Multi-stakeholder workshops should be conducted and working groups established consisting of relevant BNPB technical directorates and other key stakeholders to provide guidance on inputs and to review and endorse study findings. The Consultant shall lead the Study Team and be responsible for the quality and timeliness of the Team input and deliverables.

Service delivered to TATTs will be carried out based on the Scope of Work (SOW) executed under a Service Contract.


Timeframe and Deliverables

The duration of the study is starting from end of July to end of November 2018. The consultant is expected to provide up to 3 (three) months intermittent input, based on the following list of deliverables.

Activities and Deliverables

1Inception Report PreparationInception Report includes detailed methodology and implementation plan5
2Desk review, development of frameworks on impact assessment based on damages, losses and disruption of vital infrastructures and services, study plan, agreement on target administrations.Progress brief (1 page)10
3Identifying variables and indicators of the model from the perspective of how affected infrastructure, buildings and public facilities translate into economic impact.Interim Report 110
4FGD for peer review and discussion with key actors and other stakeholders, including site visit for secondary data collection and interviews with key informantsFGD findings12
5Data analysis and develop model options based on scenariosInterim report 215
6Facilitates consultation FGD on model and field testing of the impact assessment model in targeted areasField testing report and input for improvement6
7Prepare draft guidelineDraft 1 Guideline for presentation to key-actors and other stakeholders15
8Consultation Workshop with key actors (national and local)  and dissemination for commentsDraft 1 is consolidated2
9Prepare Final Report, comprising Guideline, dissemination strategy and policy briefFinal Report, Guideline and Policy Brief, 30 hardcopies and soft copies, posted on UF-DRR website15



  • A minimum background of master degree, preferably PhD, in disciplines related to economic modelling and regional planning;
  • Minimum of 15 years of experience in developing models to assess local economy impact, such as natural resource exploitation, infrastructure sector, disasters, climate change;
  • Affiliated to a university that is a member of UF-DRR;
  • Experience in evidence based policy research and preparing policy brief;
  • Adequate knowledge of regional development planning systems;
  • Have knowledge about disaster risk management;
  • Have the skills to facilitate a team of researchers.


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