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NZMATES – Programme Summary

The New Zealand – Maluku Access to Renewable Energy Support (NZMATES) programme aims to accelerate renewable energy (RE) development to improve access to energy on Seram and surrounding islands in Maluku province. The five-year programme is funded by the New Zealand Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is implemented by renewable energy company Infratec Ltd. in partnership with Mercy Corps Indonesia. NZMATES is working towards promoting and accelerating the identification of renewable energy projects and increasing their attractiveness and viability, social and environmental assessments, technical considerations, and triggering and facilitating investment and funding from government, private sector, or other donors. NZMATES has partnered with and collaborates closely with PLN, EBTKE, Dinas ESDM, and BAPPEDA on increasing the use of renewables and improving energy access through grid-connected and off-grid RE projects.

The NZMATES Team is based in Ambon and provides support to fill gaps in knowledge, resources, and research, and ensure that projects are aligned with the Government of Indonesia and with community development objectives. The proposed support for RE projects includes assistance with project identification and appraisal, technical and social assessments, finance matching, and project design to strengthen long-term sustainability. NZMATES also intends to enhance local public and private sector capacity and offer opportunities for direct training, technical exchange programmes, and interaction between Maluku educational institutions and NZ renewable energy specialists.

NZMATES is a uniquely flexible programme which is designed to respond to the needs and priorities of partner organisations and changing realities on the ground. Work plans and programme activities are not pre-defined but are developed collaboratively with partners through a 6-monthly planning cycle.

Senior Renewable Energy Technical Specialist (SRETS)

The Senior Renewable Energy Technical Specialist (SRETS) will join an existing team, based at Mercy Corps Indonesia’s office in Ambon and travel to programme locations in remote areas of Maluku province. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, the SRETS will work with staff from different disciplines in a collaborative way. He/she will lead engineering tasks and technical assessments, and will supervise, mentor, and work together with two Renewable Energy Technical Specialists (RETS), as well as mentoring other non-technical staff less familiar with renewable energy technologies and programmes. This role’s main responsibility will be to lead the technical aspects of the NZMATES programme, including strategizing, planning, mapping, communicating, and leading the implementation of technical assistance for renewable energy projects in the programme pipeline.

The SRETS will lead engagement with PLN, requiring excellent technical skills and the capacity to plan, strategize, and design projects for the NZMATES pipeline, as well as train and mentor key staff members. The SRETS will be in charge of keeping PLN informed about NZMATES, and responding to PLN’s requests and ensuring close collaboration. The SRETS will engage PLN staff to get their inputs, reviews, feedback, and work on the project pipeline. He/she will also lead technical engagement and discussions with EBTKE and Dinas ESDM in a similar fashion to plan, strategize, communicate activities, identify opportunities and ensure close collaboration. The SRETS will also engage closely with international donors, NGOs, educational institutions, private sector entities, and/or communities, to facilitate collaboration and support for developing RE technical projects.

In his/her day-to-day the SRETS’ activities will include partaking in field trips to assess existing infrastructure or identify new potential renewable energy projects, leading the development and review of tendering and engineering processes (e.g. detailed engineering, producing bills of materials, drawings, and layouts) and leading the development of technical assessments for potential renewable energy projects, mainly mini- and small-hydro and/or solar PV and storage technologies, grid-connected solar PV, and/or other renewable energy technologies. The SRETS will work on aspects such as design, engineering, feasibility studies, budgeting and modelling, and contribute to supporting project delivery with external stakeholders (e.g. supervision, training materials, commissioning good practices, etc.).

The SRETS will also support assessments such as scoping potential renewable energy project sites, assessing available RE resource potential, and conducting techno-economic studies from project identification phase (e.g. scoping, pre-design, cost estimates, and pre-feasibility studies), mainly for solar PV mini-grids, small hydro projects, hybridisation of diesel-based generation, and grid-connected projects. The SRETS will need to keep up to date on provincial, district and national development plans for renewables, scope efforts from other entities and keep a clear overall vision of the renewable energy portfolio in the province, and how NZMATES can support promising projects.

It should be noted that while the SRETS will be responsible for a wide range of technical areas, the role will be supplemented with technical engineering support when required, from within Infratec in New Zealand or externally. The RESTS is also expected to closely engage with the NZMATES Community Engagement Officers for support in data gathering, and to incorporate social assessments and considerations into the projects’ technical aspects.

This is a full-time, permanent position based in Ambon, Maluku.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Lead, supervise, mentor, and work together with the Technical team.
  • Serve as a bridge and make sure that the community and technical teams collaborate closely, and that assessments include technical, social, and environmental aspects.
  • Lead/Support the NZMATES Team with technical studies for grid-connected and off-grid renewable energy projects, including (but not limited to):
    • project appraisal and pre-feasibility assessments;
    • technical feasibility studies;
    • renewable energy assessments;
    • design and modelling of RE projects;
    • detailed engineering of RE projects; and
    • grid interconnection studies.
  • Lead/Support the delivery of renewable energy solutions for programme partners (PLN and ESDM) as required through conducting research and developing tools, methodologies, processes, and procedures for selecting technologies, types of technical solutions, design criteria, evaluation of different technologies, and multi-criteria analysis, among others, preferably on solar PV technologies;
  • Design of project delivery methodology and schedule, from conceptual design and detailed engineering to implementation and operation and maintenance. Depending on the agreed nature of the project this will require technical support to deliver directly, or allow others to prepare, all requirements necessary for projects to proceed, including:
    • accurate project budgets, quoting and cost estimating
    • design and functional specification, equipment selection, and bill of materials
    • drawings and layouts, suitable standards and specifications
    • works and contractor supervision and commissioning requirements
    • specialist resources and support
  • Lead the identification of technical RE project development needs with PLN and ESDM Dinas, and identify potential technical specialists and work collaboratively with them;
  • Lead other RETS to identify and assess potential, and appraise potential grid-connected and off-grid renewable energy projects;
  • Consider and incorporate sustainability and cross-cutting issues into technical work;
  • Lead strategic and technical engagement with programme partners PLN and ESDM as well as other stakeholders;
  • Strategize, plan, communicate, and manage tasks for the project pipeline, in collaboration with our project partners, taking a proactive, innovative, realistic, and flexible approach;
  • Support, identify, facilitate, and attract PLN, ESDM Dinas, private sector, and/or communities in developing RE project proposals;
  • Develop and assess long-term sustainable business models for RE projects, including financial and operational sustainability;
  • Work closely with the Community Engagement Officers to incorporate community inputs and other considerations into the technical design of projects;
  • Provide mentoring and on-site training of community, ESDM, and PLN staff during field or other assessments;
  • Support, collaborate, and train (when necessary) Community Engagement Officer(s), RETS and other NZMATES team members where required, with a structured gap assessment and identification of specific training opportunities;
  • Support the development and implementation of the NZMATES training programme, including contributing to and delivering specific modules when required, in collaboration with educational partners and relevant experts;



  • University degree in electrical engineering, renewable energy technologies, and/or similar, or the proven equivalent of work experience;
  • >7 years’ experience in designing and delivering renewable energy projects, preferably solar PV and storage technologies and hydropower;
  • Experience supervising technical staff, mentoring colleagues and close collaboration with programme partners;
  • Experience working with a multidisciplinary team;
  • Experience conducting engineering designs, modelling, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, grid-interconnection studies, and/or other technical studies in the renewable energy field;
  • Proficient with electrical, renewable energy and energy storage technology software, such as:
    1. Renewable energy and energy storage modelling and design software (e.g. HOMER Pro®, RETScreen, iHOGA, DER-CAM, Excel-based tools, or others);
    2. Solar PV design and modelling software/tools (e.g. PVSyst, PV Sol, SolarGIS, Meteonorm, Sunny Design); and/or
    3. GIS tools and hydropower modelling software/tools (e.g. Casimir, PEACH, Hydrohelp, others).
    4. Power systems software (DIgSILENT, PSS®Sincal, or others)
    5. Other renewable energy tools (LEAP, or others)
  • Experience using drawing software (e.g. AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, Draft Sight);
  • Experience in developing a bill of materials for renewable energy projects;
  • Experience in developing tendering documentation, detailed design and engineering, and with supporting entities as owners engineer is desirable ;
  • Knowledge of renewable energy financial analysis tools (e.g. SAM), using pricing or estimation techniques or software (e.g. Pronamics, Excel, other tools), and developing RE project budgets;
  • Some knowledge of the conceptual or detailed design of LV and HV network installations will be advantageous;
  • Practical, hands-on experience working in energy access and/or renewable energy programmes;
  • Strong communications skills and experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Experience working in Maluku province and understanding of local context will be highly valued;
  • Strong English language skills;
  • Willingness to spend significant time in field locations with limited access to commodities.
  • Women and people from Maluku are especially encouraged to apply for this position.


Please send your CV together with the form on this link with position applied on the email subject to hrd@id.mercycorps.org 

The vacancy will be closed 30 June 2020 and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. We look forward to hearing from those who are interested in taking this opportunity to grow and develop with us.



Thank You,

Human Resources Department

Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia

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