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The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. Its corporate objective is to improve people’s living conditions on a sustainable basis. GIZ has been working in Indonesia since 1975 on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Indonesia faces major challenges in mobilising domestic resources for its continued sustainable development. Despite steady economic growth averaging 5.6%, the average rate of taxation over the last five years has been extremely low compared to other countries, at just 11%. Overall, the conditions in place for financing the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda in the areas of fiscal policy and tax administration are insufficient. Based on this scenario, the Indonesian and German Governments have agreed to collaborate in the framework of the project ‘Domestic Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Development’ (DRM) in order to address some of the described challenges in the spirit of the global development partnership between the two countries.

The objective of this Indonesian-German project DRM is as follows: The conditions for financing the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda in the areas of fiscal policy and tax administration have improved.

The project operates at the national level and focuses on four fields of activity:

  1. the capacities of the Indonesian Fiscal Policy Agency, FPA (or Badan Kebijakan Fiskal, BKF) to draft tax legislation and to assess the impacts thereof are strengthened in line with the 2030 Agenda;
  2. the capacities of FPA/BKF to develop and evaluate subsidy and fiscal incentive programmes are strengthened in line with the 2030 Agenda.
  3. the necessary conditions to improve the validity of the tax register are created by Directorate General of Tax (or Direktorat Jenderal Pajak, DJP), and
  4. the capacities of the tax authorities (DJP) to improve tax compliance are strengthened.

The German contribution to DRM is up to 7.500.000 EUR and the timespan to achieve the jointly defined objective and outputs is four years. The project was supposed to be launched in the second half of 2017, but the implementation was delayed until May 2019 due to administrative challenges regarding the related diplomatic notes between Indonesia and Germany.


  1. Project Management – support broad project management aspects of DRM project; plan of operational, relationship with counterparts, controlling project activities, progress reporting, result-based monitoring and evaluation.
  1. Knowledge Management – set up project repository database, data mining, project documentations, reports, events, presentations, workshops, meetings according to GIZ policy, tools, software/application and methodology, align with project offer, result matrix, plan of operational and ad-hoc requests.
  1. Project Finance, Procurement and Contract Administration – provide project finance, procurement and contract administration supports, monitor project activities and progress, prepare all statutory and periodical documentations and reports.
  1. Internal Coordination within GIZ – coordination and collaboration with country office, other GIZ bilateral and global projects, as well as with various related units in GIZ Headquarter including FMB, contract and procurement department, etc.
  1. Communication and Collaboration with counterparts – outreach and cooperation with BKF and DJP, other related ministries/agencies and consultants/experts, particularly related to Implementation Agreement, BAST (handling-over), reporting, publications, events, etc.
  1. Focal person for gender, SDGs and other cross-cutting issues – support the project as the focal person for cross-cutting issues as required by GIZ and counterpart, including the development of strategies, technical concepts, studies, activities, reports, presentation and documentation.


  1.    Project Management
  • Supports the Principal Advisor and other team members in carrying out project management tasks, incl. technical, administrative and financial tasks including work plan, budget planning, accounting, controlling, contract, etc.
  • Coordinates with DRM Advisors related to project activities in cooperation with the counterparts/partners, both with regards to the technical implementation, as well as financial and administration aspects.
  • Supports the Project Management in handling order management on behalf of GIZ (e.g. proposal preparation, impact monitoring, project progress review, reporting).
  1. Knowledge Management
  • Set-up knowledge management system (project repository database, data mining, project documentations, reports, events, presentations, workshops, meetings, etc.) according to GIZ policy, tools, software/ application and methodology, align with project offer, result matrix, Plan of Operational and ad-hoc requests.
  • Prepares documents like slide presentations, fact sheets, papers, and writes minutes of meetings, notes, etc. for the preparation and documentation of meetings and events.
  • Maintains the knowledge management system (file server), database and project documentation tools using the Microsoft Teams (GIZ standard project documentation software/application).
  • Ensures that all relevant documents are available and uploaded timely into the DMS (Data-Management System of GIZ) and the project server and application.
  • Supports and assists in providing data and information required by the project whenever possible and needed.
  • Ensures that all relevant reports, analysis, studies, research and other documentations are available to the project team and partners as needed.
  1. Project Finance, Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Provide administrative support on project procurement and contract, and coordination with GIZ Country Office Indonesia (COI) in term of the process of the project procurement and contract
  • Prepare project procurement requirements including Service Request, comprehensible description of the service and deliverables, deadlines, specification of inputs (including number of working days and budget), technical assessment and qualifications required as well as any technical justification needed
  • Assist preparation of the project contract (with STEs and companies) requirements, includes making communication with consultant, contractors, STEs and companies for the project procurement and contract
  • Provide finance admin support and coordination with GIZ country office staffs, DRM staffs and Advisors related to finance issues of project activities
  • Coordinates with consultant, contractors, STEs and companies related to the payment and disbursement process and procedures of project works and activities
  • Support on the project payment and disbursement requirements as well as any justification needed
  • Support operational of DRM by preparing inputs for activities, and contribute to budget planning for these activities
  • Develop Service Request for contracted third parties (e.g. external consultants and/or service providers)
  • Monitor contracted third parties according to agreed deliverables as stated in TOR
  • Monitor project progress, evaluation and review reports and documents concerning the finance and administration and recommend alternative courses of management action to the Principal Advisor
  • Contribute to the result-based monitoring system for DRM by collecting data and reporting against project indicators (progress reporting), as input for annual reporting towards the partner and the donor.
  1. Internal Coordination within GIZ
  • Supports on coordination and collaboration within the DRM project, among the four intervention areas led respectively by an Advisor
  • Capitalizes the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams software/applications as standard GIZ project documentation for effective communication and coordination among the project team members as well as with counterparts and partners
  • Supports DRM Advisors and facilitates the coordination and potential collaboration between DRM and other in-country and global GIZ projects
  • Maintains close coordination with various related units in GIZ Headquarter (FMB, contract and procurement department, etc.) who involved and assisted DRM.
  1. Communication and Collaboration with counterparts
  • Develops DRM communication, marketing and acquisition materials based on the result matrix, project outputs, documents, data and information
  • Supports the establishment of networks and platforms with national and international stakeholders
  • Develops working links, including exchange of information and coordinated activities, with relevant actors, stakeholders and public sectors, as well as other organizations, including other GIZ projects in-country and global
  • Encourages sharing ideas and information for the development of new business opportunity (cooperation) with other organizations
  • Integrates results and experiences into the project team and makes it available to all relevant projects/groups
  • Maintains a good communication and relationship with counterparts and partners; government, consultants, experts, other country and global projects, headquarter, and stakeholders
  • Advises project team on all communication matters related to publications and events
  • Takes responsibility for the quality assurance of outputs in terms of format and language quality
  • Provides counterparts and partners with products and publications from the project including support to uploading of publications to the counterparts/partners websites.
  1. Focal Person for gender, SDG and other cross-cutting issues
  • Coordinates all gender-specific activities, SDG related and other cross-cutting issues of the DRM project
  • Supports the gender, SDG and other cross-cutting isses focal person of GIZ Indonesia in country-wide gender activities
  • Supports and promotes the concrete inclusion/mainstreaming of gender, SDG and other cross-cutting topics in the activities of the project and its four intervention areas
  • Shares information on related gender, SDG and other cross-cutting issues to other project team
  • Produces communication, outreach and marketing materials (films, handouts, etc.) needed to share information on gender, SDG and other cross-cutting topics in DRM.


Job Requirements


  • Bachelor or master’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, business administration, or management.
  • The ideal candidate would have the project finance and accounting, and project management skills and experiences
  • Additional qualifications in DRM and SDGs / 2030 agenda are of advantage
  • Good working knowledge of IT, communication technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
  • Very good communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia, including speaking and writing

Professional experience

  • 5 years prior working experience in project finance, project contract or project management is advantageous
  • Insight into the International Development Cooperation work
  • Experience in activity preparation, coordination and organization

Other knowledge, additional competences

  • Focused, proactive and positive working attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-paced office environment, both independently and as part of a global team
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to encourage collaboration with other programs, international offices, and partners
  • Aware of social and intercultural sensitivities, flexible and possess a sense of diplomacy
  • Adaptable to rapidly changing priorities and able to manage multiple deadlines and deliver high quality work products
  • Willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management

Duty Station: Jakarta

Joining Date: October 2021

Direct Supervisor:  DRM Principal Advisor

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a motivation letter, CV, trainings attended and list of references (a must), addressed to The closing date to submit the application letter is on September 17th, 2021

Please indicate your application by putting the following code in the subject line: DRM – PMP 

Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa _CV or Nakula Sadewa _Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa _Reference)


Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

  • This job has expired!
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