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Project Overview

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a German implementing organization which provides services worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. GIZ has a record of more than 50 years of cooperation with the Association of the South-East Nations (ASEAN).


Within the framework of ASEAN-German Cooperation, GIZ is implementing a number of projects in the area of Regional Economic Integration (REI). These projects are aligned with the broader vision of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2025, which strives to establish a competitive, dynamic, innovative and people-centred region. Specifically, this entails initiatives and measures to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enable them to access new markets as well as link up with value chains, both within and beyond ASEAN. Agricultural stakeholders, in particular, are supported to implement and comply with regional and international standards so that they become more resilient and are able to better tap into market opportunities.


The projects “Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains in ASEAN” (ASEAN AgriTrade), and “Strengthening Regional Structures for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion in ASEAN” (ASEAN SME II) are looking for a local technical advisor, based in Jakarta, to support the project management in the following areas and with the responsibilities outlined below. GIZ seeks a qualified Indonesian candidate for this position.


  • Project Management – supporting project management activities to ensure the technical and commercial quality as well as integrity of the commissions, in close consultation with the Principal Advisors of the projects.
  • Develop Knowledge Repositories – undertaking the compilation and management of information, data and key documents that contribute to an effective and comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system that is integrated with the financial management.
  • Operational Management – advising on compliance with GIZ regulations for the implementation of the commissions, notably regarding project finance, accounting, procurement of goods and services, administration, and human resources, including internal and external control, audit, and evaluation.
  • Internal Coordination within GIZ – coordination and collaboration with country offices in the ASEAN Member States where projects are active, other GIZ bilateral and global projects, as well as with various related units in GIZ Headquarters.


  1. Project Management
  • Support the implementation of the projects, and any necessary reviews or further development of the projects’ goals, objectives, operating plan, budget, etc.
  • Manage the day-to-day and planning operations of the project, including overseeing the completeness of documentation of project activities
  • Monitor and evaluate activities to meet project goals and objectives, including but not limited to the tracking and updating of project indicators and outcomes
  • Oversee and deliver monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting for both internal and external project stakeholders, including responsibility for the development, editing and timely submission of any progress reports as required, coordinating with Principal Advisors as well as technical (senior) advisors on the country/regional level, as necessary
  • Develop planning of operations using OnSite Operations, update to the plan of operations after the regular meetings/project visits with the team members, check the plan of operations against the results matrix
  • Contribute to the result-based monitoring system by collecting data and reporting against project indicators (progress reporting), as input for annual reporting to partners and commissioning parties
  • Report to commissioning party and other external communication: quality assurance of offers reports and external communication using Onsite Reporting
  1. Develop Knowledge Repositories
  • Manage and track the project budget to ensure that the project is operating within its designated budget in order to meet project goals and objectives based on Cost per Output Monitoring and Forecast (KOMP)
  • Perform cost management planning, controlling, and planning. The activities include 1) plan budget, track, control budget-spending-related to outcomes (human resources and procurement of goods and services), 2) provide advice of cost baseline to advisors for estimating activities
  • Manages financial operations in-country in close coordination with country offices and regional hub offices.
  • Support the quality management to ensure alignment between spending and outcome based on KOMP system, and in coordination with advisors to monitor the deliverables
  • Provide advice related to risk planning and mitigation, implement risk response related to activities, and control the risk
  • Working on organization process assets system in relation to project repository database (data mining, project documentations, reports, events, presentations, workshops, meetings, etc.) according to GIZ policy, tools, software/ application and methodology, align with project offer, result matrix, Plan of Operational and ad-hoc requests.
  • Monitor the knowledge management system, database and project documentation tools using the Microsoft Teams (GIZ standard project documentation software/application), DMS (Data Management System of GIZ) and the project server & application.
  • Support and assist in providing data and information required by the project whenever possible and needed.
  • Provide research support for topics related to AgriTrade, SME and any other relevant topic as required, upon request by the Principal Advisors
  • Inform and update on the GIZ regulation and regional country policy to the team members
  • Ensure that all relevant backstopping, reports, analysis, studies, research and other documentations are available to the project team and partners as needed.
  1. Operational Management
  • Ensure an overall good flow of financial information with GIZ country offices in the ASEAN Cluster, country and project offices
  • Assist the Principal Advisors to ensure compliance with GIZ regulations, country policy, and other relevant regulations in the ASEAN countries for all regional and national activities including internal and external control, audit, and evaluation
  • Assist in the follow-up of financial outstanding particularly with other GIZ country offices in the AMS
  • Provide backstopping the financial management of projects for the SFF (Study and Experts Fund), or Sectoral/Global Projects if any
  • Advise administration in term of the process of the procurement goods and services and human resources on coordination with GIZ country offices in the ASEAN Cluster, country and project offices
  • Monitor the implementation on procurement goods and service contract
  • Provide inputs for activities, and contribute to budget planning for these activities
  • Monitor project progress, evaluation and review reports and documents concerning the finance and administration and recommend alternative courses of management action to the Principal Advisor
  1. Internal Coordination within GIZ
  • Support on coordination and collaboration within the REI projects, among the regional offices led respectively by Regional Coordinators
  • Capitalize the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams software/applications as standard GIZ project documentation for effective communication and coordination among the project team members
  • Support team members and facilitate the coordination and potential collaboration between project and other in-country and GIZ global projects
  • Maintain close coordination with various related units in GIZ Headquarter (e.g. FMB)
  • Maintain a good communication and relationship with counterparts and other partners

Job Requirements


  • University degree in relevant specialization and qualification in business administration desirable (equivalent of BA or MBA)
  • Demonstrated skills in project finance and accounting, monitoring and evaluation activities, and overall project management
  • Previous experience with GIZ systems and familiarity with Cost per Output Monitoring and Forecast (the Kosten pro Output Monitoring und Prognose/KOMP) system is highly desirable
  • Additional qualifications on project impact to support SDGs / 2030 agenda and result based monitoring are advantageous
  • Good working knowledge of IT, communication technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, internet) and computer applications (e.g., MS Office)
  • Very good communication skills in English

Professional experience

Minimum 10 years professional experience in project management and implementation, in various technical and/or administrative functions at a senior level. Extensive experience or familiar with GIZ project management tools and experience in working with ASEAN projects is desirable.

Other knowledge, additional competences

  • Focused, proactive and positive working attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-paced office environment, both independently and as part of a wider team (also across countries, projects and thematic areas)
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to encourage collaboration with other programs, international offices, and partners
  • Aware of social and intercultural sensitivities, flexible and possess a sense of diplomacy
  • Adaptable to rapidly changing priorities and able to manage multiple deadlines and deliver high quality work products
  • Experience with ASEAN projects and procedures is desired
  • Willingness to further develop skills as required by the tasks to be performed
  • Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management

Duty Station: Jakarta

Joining Date: 1 January 2023

Direct Supervisor:  Principal Advisor, ASEAN AgriTrade Project

How to Apply

Please submit your motivation letter and comprehensive resume (including trainings and list of references) as attachments to by December 12th, 2022, with subject line ASEAN AgriTrade – Project Management Advisor.


Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa_CV or Nakula Sadewa _Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa _Reference) – the attachments are not more than 300 KB

                       Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

  • This job has expired!
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