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Job Description

This position is a core position and therefore will be at the centre of many of our activities. 

The primary relationships will be with:

  • The operations team
  • The Managing Director
  • The People Performance Co-ordinator
  • The Financial Controller on issues related to contracts and payments
Operational Support (50%)
  • Manage files, data systems and documents
  • Manage online services and subscriptions (Eg. Xero, Google)
  • Ensure corporate registrations are in good standing and manage institutional vendors (eg. BPJS, Kemnaker, Insurance, Traveloka, medical insurance, online services)
  • Procure business equipment and supplies
  • Support the Finance Controller in regards with administrative compliance and needs
  • Maintain and update Standard Operating Procedures
  • Maintain and update user guides for business processes
  • Co-ordinate travel arrangements
  • Respond to enquiries from the public
  • Co-ordinate internal and external events
  • Occasional note-taking
  • Responsive, fast and highly detail- oriented
  • Good understanding with contracts content and details
  • Understanding of how things work Interest in policies
  • Orientation toward collection and using data efficiently for operational streamlining
  • Able to run system and make recommendations that make things easier for the operational system
  • Highly organised
  • Friendly
  • Multi-tasking
  • Good to work with people from other backgrounds and cultures
  • Able to provide recommendations that improve efficiency and ways of working
Project Support (15%)
  • Project-specific roles, which may include but are not limited to: developing document templates, searching for secondary data, setting up meetings with clients and interview respondents, gathering information on pricing to inform budgets etc.
  • Track payments on consultant contracts
  • Administer contracts with clients and consultants on Dala systems
  • Verify invoices from consultants
  • Manage research permits with BRIN
  • Draft letters to respondents and the public and manage mail merges to distribute
  • Co-ordinate logistics for fieldwork (travel and equipment)
Communications (15%)
  • Compile learning material from staff for public consumption
  • Maintain social media presence (bi-weekly posts, bi-monthly blogs) by collecting content from team
  • Develop and maintain communications materials (eg. annual reports, prospectus, slide decks etc)
  • Administer website content
  • Basic graphic design
  • Clever with online tools
  • Effective and clear communicator in English and Indonesian
  • Tech savvy (nerds welcome)
  • Sense of how to phase things so the public is interested
  • Ability to ask stimulating questions
Institutional governance (5-10%)As a developing responsibility of all Dala employees, we are developing engagement of everyone in governance processes. The position holder will participate in meetings and be an equal participant in decision-making about things that affect her/him/them. We reserve time for participating in these meetings, developing and reading background material, and exploring governance innovations. The time required will be variable depending on internal appointments and is subject to change periodically.
  • Mental agility
  • Interest in participating in decisions that affect work
  • Boldness to voice opinions
Learning (10%)As a new and experimental initiative, Dala reserves 10% of all employee’s time for learning and sharing learnings. A learning agenda will be developed together with the position holder.
  • Curiosity
  • Interest in learning new things
  • Interest in sharing learning with others


This position will be 100% full time, but could be issued at 80% at the option of the successful candidate. 

All salary and benefits except medical insurance will be pro-rated and are based on a full-time position. The salary range for this position (A3) is Rp.8,431,000 to 9,414,000 per month (gross) paid in Indonesian Rupiah. Income taxes will be deducted and paid according to Indonesian law. Jakarta DKI-based employees are eligible to apply for a 10% premium to compensate for increased cost of living (conditions apply). THR is paid in addition to the monthly salary.

Other benefits include:

  • 20 days of vacation per year
  • work from home and flexible locations
  • paid leave for volunteering, birthday and personal days
  • work-from-home allowance*
  • private premium medical insurance
  • BPJS Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan
  • employee profit-sharing is allocated each year (depending on institutional performance) 

Working hours are flexible, however, Dala employees are expected to be available for meetings and communications during normal working hours Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

* in which case employees supply their own equipment and facilities required for work: computer, internet connection and mobile phone.

Job Requirements

All applicants MUST meet the following:

  • Bachelor (S1) degree in management, communications or related field 
  • Interest in thematic areas of work at Dala relating to people and nature
  • Proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Five or more years in a professional office environment
  • Agreement with feminist principles of increasing equality, expanding human choice, embracing diversity, sharing, anti-exploitation, and non-violence.

Candidates will have an advantage if they have the following:

  • Strong social media background.
  • Database or web-app development experience.

Please note, this position is only open for people with the right to work in Indonesia. We do not discriminate based on gender, age, sexual orientation  or preference, ethnicity, race or religion. You do you and we will accept you. We do discriminate against mean people though, so be nice. 

Because the Specialist will interact with vendors, service providers and permit providers, we prefer if we can find a candidate based in Jakarta or Bali, however candidates based elsewhere will still be considered.

How to Apply

Applications will not be accepted by e-mail or standard post. If you found the job on a job posting site, you must also submit your application to us.

Applications will only be accepted from the link provided on https://careers.dala.institute.

Please apply by the deadline on the website with the following attachments:

  1. Your CV. Please show us what you have done, rather than job putting job titles and organisation names. List what you accomplished. Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.
  2. A video no longer than 1 minute explaining why you are a good fit for this job. Please note that you do not have to show your face or person if you don’t want to. We are looking more for content than production quality. If you want to upload a PDF with a link to the video instead of the video itself, you may. If you do, please make sure the video has public access.
  3. A cover letter is optional. You may merge it with your CV but you are not required to to, and will not be scored lower if it is missing.

You do not have to disclose (meaning we don’t need or really want this information, but is fine it you include it) your:

  1. age
  2. gender identity
  3. marital status or family details
  4. ethnicity
  5. religion
  6. photo

Please DO NOT include (meaning we will be a bit upset and will probably not consider your application because you can’t follow simple instructions):

  1. certificates and transcripts
  2. identification documents
  3. other confidential information that is not considered as part of the job application
  • This job has expired!
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