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Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU)

 EOCRU (the“Unit”) was established in 2008 by a memorandum of understanding between the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) and the University of Oxford, as an embedded unit of the EIMB. The University of Oxford also directly engages the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (FMUI) with another memorandum of understanding that created the Universities of Indonesia and Oxford Clinical Research Laboratory (IOCRL) on the campus of FMUI nearby to EIMB/EOCRU. These institutions now collaborate in clinical, laboratory, and field research on infectious diseases of public health importance in Indonesia.

In conducting the work especially in Indonesia, EOCRU is assisted by Alliance for Emerging and Re-emerging Disease Threats in Asia Foundation (ALERTAsia), a local foundation assists in research grant management and capacity building for local researchers.

Through ALERTAsia, EOCRU is seeking an Operations Manager.


Job Description

Overview of the role

The newly created post of Operations Manager is a reflection of the success and planned expansion of the scope and range of the research conducted by EOCRU, leading to the need for a professional, proactive and experienced Operations Manager to oversee the administrative, fiscal, human resources, legal and regulatory obligations of EOCRU, thereby ensuring the Unit’s operations are efficient, of very high quality, and compliant with national and international standards.

Key Responsibilities of the post holder

The Operations Manager will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the efficient operation of EOCRU in liaison and collaboration with counterparts within the EIMB and FMUI host institutions
  • Providing strategic and day-to-day leadership to a range of vital support functions involving administration, finance, human resources, and legal and regulatory compliance
  • Providing strategic support and advice to the Head of Unit and other Senior Staff on all matters relating to research programme management policies and practices

Working directly with senior administration counterparts in OUCRU Viet Nam to ensure the implementation of best practice, consistency of policies, standard implementation of risk management strategies, and excellent links to key funders and stakeholders

Key duties of the post holder

Operations Management:

  • Manage, develop and implement all strategies, policies, procedures and best practice needed to support the optimal performance of the unit across all relevant areas in collaboration with OUCRU-VN;
  • Manage all institutional level contracts, including grant contracts, MoU’s and sub-contracts
  • Manage all assets and the inventory for the unit;
  • Manage operational, administrative, and fiscal matters with international and national collaborators;
  • Resolve organizational and management issues as they arise;
  • Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are maintained and that compliance with relevant laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia is assured and monitored;
  • Oversee the efficient management of all general administrative tasks including purchasing, invoicing, employee timesheets/leave, travel bookings, event management, visitors, permissions, etc.;
  • Handle all aspects of facilities management including minor renovations, obtaining appropriate permissions and agreement for works to be carried out, and leading all relevant working space-related negotiations with our host institutions as required.

Health and Safety, Risk and Compliance:

  • Support the Unit on all matters of health and safety, including supervision of committed staff working in the area of Health and Safety across the Unit;
  • Working closely with OUCRU-VN to ensure appropriate levels of monitoring and compliance for Health and safety policies and practices;
  • Provide advice on local and international Health and Safety legislation to the Unit Director as well as carry out, review and write risk assessments;
  • As appropriate liaise with the Oxford University Safety Office and the Tropical Medicine Safety officer;
  • Ensure appropriate reporting in addition to conducting regular safety audits of facilities;
  • Investigate accidents and incidents where appropriate and propose possible preventative interventions;
  • Ensure that all staff receive necessary instruction and guidance concerning Health and Safety Matters, to include fire/earthquake event drilling and safety training;
  • Oversee systems that ensure new employees entering laboratory spaces have received necessary screening, training, and indoctrination;
  • Oversee systems that ensure all employees assigned to remote work sites have been clinically screened and cleared to do so, as well as trained and indoctrinated to potential hazards at those sites

Human Resources (HR) and Training:

  • Manage all HR-related issues including leadership of the third-party sub-contract for personnel services
  • Develop and implement administrative orientation training for new staff and scientists;
  • Ensure all staff/students/visitors are trained to the required level of competence;
  • Oversee systems that identify and fill personnel needs/vacancies on the basis of merit and without prejudice
  • Oversee systems of employee evaluation/assessment that consistently recognizes and rewards excellence,whilealsopreventingincompetence,harassment,discrimination,ordishonestybyUnitemployees;
  • Oversee systems of awareness and training of Unit employees that serve to mitigate risks of incompetence, harassment, discrimination, or dishonesty within the Unit.

IT and Data management

  • Working closely with OUCRU-VN, lead on the provision of IT facilities for all staff and visitors, including, if required at external study site;
  • Supervise a technically qualified IT Systems Manager in implementing Unit-wide IT policies and practices that meet OUCRU-VN standards and compatibility;
  • Work closely with the technical employee responsible for Data Management to ensure all required hardware and software is in place and available as and when required.


  • Supervise the Unit employee responsible for managing the visas and work permits of expatriate staff of the Unit in order to ensure full compliance with immigration and other regulations, as well as continuity of expatriate staff work;
  • Oversee a Unit-wide system of financial and administrative record keeping and archiving that is conducive to ease and accuracy of audit and review;
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties as required by the Unit Director



The selected candidate will receive a three months contract and, if can show professionalism and work dedication, a possibility to receive long term contract and remuneration package that includes annual leave, sick leave, THR, optional private medical cover, BPJS Kesehatan, and not to mention fully paid income tax and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (JAMSOSTEK). The salary shall be competitive and dependent upon qualifications and salary history.


Job Requirements


  • Educated to Masters level or higher from an accredited institution and in a relevant subject;
  • Senior executive experience in comparable roles and responsibilities, with demonstrable experience of at least 5-years duration in one or more of the areas outlined above for this position;
  • Excellent written English and Bahasa Indonesia, with proven ability to research and write accessible, clear administrative policy documents;
  • Actual or near fluency in spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a high level of diplomacy and political awareness, and ability to work effectively as a member of the senior management team;
  • Experience of leading and managing staff, with the ability to engage and motivate staff to fulfil their potential;
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to produce reports and draft complex correspondence.



  • Experience of developing and implementing effective procedures and systems to support and facilitate the activities of a research organisation in an international environment,
  • Experience of coordinating, organising and conducting training programmes for staff.

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