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Location: Indonesia, remotely with regular visits for up to 12 months


  • 100% Full-time equivalent consultant with annual renewal option, reporting to Head of Ecosystem Services.
  • The EO team is the heart and soul of Lestari Capital and the source of our value delivery to our clients. The EO Team Operations Manager blends experience, technical knowledge and understanding of the functional areas of the EO Team with a systems approach and team management skills to deliver high-quality ecosystem service projects to each of the business lines on time.
  • Leads overall flow, coordination and delivery timelines between each of the functional divisions of the Ecosystem Outcome Team to ensure timeline delivery of project origination, on-boarding, development and outcomes, troubleshooting and providing support to each of the division Heads as required.
  • Identifies and establishes appropriate processes, task management solutions, or other internal coordination and workflow systems as necessary that keeps the core team and off-site country teams in lock-sync, working as a unified team.
  • Delivers on the Project Origination, Project Development, and Project Implementation targets passed down from the business lines. Supports coordination between the Head of Ecosystem Services of the Head of Origination, Head of Climate and Land Use (Head of Development) and Head of Implementation Monitoring.
  • Ensures delivery of high-quality Ecosystem Outcomes with excellent value for money, on time and on budget across all its business lines.
  • Supports capacity development of the Ecosystem Outcome Team members where needed.
  • Supports recruitment and HR strategy of the Ecosystem Outcome Team
  • Supports the Head of Ecosystem Services in QA/QC of technical documents and budgets.
  • Supports the Head of Ecosystem Services in coordination with all other departments in Lestari Capital regarding all Project and Ecosystem Outcome related matters.
  • Supports provision of guidance, advice and capacity building to other departments on all Project and Ecosystem Outcome related matters.
  • Where necessary, represents Lestari Capital at events and meetings with clients, government officials, senior advisors, socio-environmental NGOs, strategic partners, academia and/or media outlets.


  • Minimum 15 years of professional experience in forest conservation, restoration, nature-based sustainable development in the APAC region
  • Minimum M.Sc. or higher in forestry, environmental science, geography, sustainable development, business administration or related field
  • Experience in managing >10 people and annual budgets of >1 M USD
  • Experience leading coalitions of stakeholders from private sector, civil society and governments to successful sustainability transformation
  • Multi-cultural leadership skills with diversified, context-specific management approaches
  • Excellent attention to detailed accuracy of processes and results
  • Entrepreneurial and solutions-driven vision for outcomes and value for money
  • High dedication to conservation, sustainable development, and climate action


Departmental Performance

  1. Indicator: Ecosystem Outcomes team delivers to client targets on origination, development and implementation
  • Metrics of Success
    • Lestari Capital works as an efficient organization through its processes leading to delivery Ecosystem Outcomes across business lines, geographies, development stages and departments
    • The EO team delivers high quality Ecosystem Service Outcomes to clients on-time and on budget
    • The EO team delivers to the needs of other departments and external stakeholders the required outputs and information in high quality, on-time and on budget


  1. Indicator: Collaboration with senior EO managers and other departments is cordial and efficient
  • Metrics of Success
    • Core EO Team and off-site in-country teams are fully integrated, in-sync, accessible, transparent to all internal stakeholders
    • Head of Ecosystem Services reduces direct involvement in day-to-day operations to focus on strategic initiatives and delivery to clients
    • EO Team Divisions are fully aware of and able to track Departmental targets, the strategy and following processes, and sufficiently resourced to efficiently deliver success
    • Integration between divisions within the EO team (Origination, Development, Implementation Monitoring) is seamless and collaborative with specific functional focus for scalability
    • EO Team communicates professionally and efficiently with all internal stakeholders


  1. Indicator: EO team structure and processes deliver success efficiently
  • Metrics of Success:
    • The EO team internal processes continuously evolve to higher efficiency and keep track with processes in other departments and technological innovations
    • All business Lines are serviced equally, efficiently, in high quality, on-time and on budget by all sub-teams within the EO team
    • Team is adequately and appropriately staffed
    • Projects have a consistent and organized way QA/QC of technical documents and budgets.


  1. Indicator: EO team innovates on new approaches to delivering Ecosystem Outcomes
  • Metrics of Success
    • New Project Types, incl. new constellations of partnerships for Project Operators are piloted in multiple origination countries together with the Head of Origination (e.g. PPP, Commercial Concession Business Model, Sustainable Commodity Production and Protection Initiatives, new climate action project types such as Blue Carbon, Agricultural Land Management, Improved Forest Management, Stranded Assets, etc.)
    • New Project Development technologies are explored together with the Head of Climate and Land Use (e.g. automated project documentation, automated EO quantification, etc.)
    • New Project Implementation Monitoring technologies are explored together with the Head of Implementation Monitoring (e.g. automated monitoring reports for MRV, remote site visits, use of drone and LiDAR technology, mobile monitoring apps connected to online platforms, online budget tracking systems etc.)

Individual Performance

  1. Necessary enabling systems, task management solutions and other processes leading to a fully integrated team across functional divisions are seamless and efficient.
  2. High quality Ecosystem Service Outcomes have been delivered to clients on-time and on budget.
  • Annual division performance targets are met on time.


The salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Applicants should apply by sending a cover letter and CV to: Florian Reimer, Head of Ecosystem Services, jobs@lestaricapital.com

The job description can also be found here: http://lestaricapital.com/jobs/

Important: Please include your name and “Operations Manager Ecosystem Outcomes” as the subject line of the email. Please ensure the titles of all attachments use the format: YourName_OMEO_CV.pdf, YourName_OMEO_CoverLetter.pdf). In cover letter please include this summary table:

Position Title
First Name
Degree type (MS, Ph.D.)
Degree field
Graduation Date
Years of work experience
Technical area
Software expertise
Language fluency

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