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The Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance Program (PRIM), aims to improve the way local governments manage and maintain road networks in their jurisdiction on a sustainable basis, raise network quality, improve road safety, increase provincial and district budgeting for road maintenance and encourage public scrutiny of the effectiveness of maintenance planning and delivery. The main objectives of PRIM are to:

• Strengthen the institutional capacities and standards for better maintenance of the existing road network within the provincial and local government, and
• Develop a sustainable model for using conditional grants to incentivize better governance, quality and value-for-money in maintaining local roads.

PRIM commenced in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) in 2013, initially concentrating on the provincial road management and extended to a pilot district government unit, West Lombok Kabupaten. It is designed to improve regional government performance in the planning, preparation, management and implementation of road maintenance through a ‘carrot and stick’ approach of using output-based grants to incentivize quality improvements and increased public scrutiny to increase accountability. The model has successfully leveraged significant improvements in local government performance in road maintenance, not only by focusing on technical aspects, but also on governance, management, transparency and professionalism of all partner organisations involved.

AECOM has been engaged as the PRIM Project Implementation Unit Consultant (PIUC) since 2015, providing support to the implementing parties including support in preparing engineering designs and bid documents, while carrying out training and institutional strengthening activities and providing institutional support to the maintenance works program across the Province of West Nusa Tenggara.

PRIM PIUC activities in 2018-2019 are focused on learning and knowledge management for the potential scaling up and transitioning of PRIM to support the Government of Indonesia Hibah Plan. The central government is aware of the positive outcomes in NTB from PRIM. The central government through the Sub-directorate of Technical Assistance Subnational Roads (SBTJD) therefore would like to assist other provinces to adopt the good experiences of PRIM. As the central government examines how the vital elements of the PRIM model could be replicated elsewhere in the country, as a parallel step, SPTJD would like to preserve the intellectual property gained by NTB and to encourage more widespread use of this valuable experience by making as much data and tested procedures developed under PRIM available to other provinces as and when opportunities arise. Collating this information will require substantial effort and is a preparatory task for the role out of the PRIM model under a possible national program in 2019.
To undertake this task an intensive one-year program is required to document, test and make available the key learning and knowledge materials in a format accessible to all stakeholders. One of the significant short-term objectives is to provide selected new provinces with enough technical assistance for them to produce a work program of works to be constructed in 2019.

The Program will develop a Road Management Knowledge Hub for Indonesia. It is intended to be a web-based system for all road agencies, road practitioners and students interested in or working in the road management sector. The Hub will act as a repository of all things related to the management of roads in Indonesia such as training modules, regulations, manual and others. Therefore, road agencies and practitioners can find correct information about road improvement and maintenance and do their job properly.

We are seeking expressions of interest for a Motion Graphics Artist-Designer who will be responsible to perform the following tasks:

• Provide original drawings, figures, illustration, diagrams and motion graphics to illustrate learning materials that are ‘fit for purpose’.
• Design templates for learning games, as required.
• Provide original illustrations or motion graphics for videos, if and as required.

To be considered for this role, you will need to have a degree in Graphics Design, Communications or Journalism; Demonstrated understanding of arts and graphic design skills; significant experience using graphics design software packages to develop diagrams to specifications for learning purposes; Solid understanding of animation, typography and color theory; Experience working in a multi-cultural team; Experience working in the field in Indonesia; Flexible and adaptive as well as creative thinking.

The position also requires you to have a good interpersonal and communication skills, significant experience in developing original drawings and motion graphics to specifications for learning and/or reading materials; Demonstrated ability to work independently to guidelines and as part of multi-media design team; Demonstrated experience providing illustrations, images, diagrams, motion graphics based on real-life situations that Indonesians can relate to; Good spoken Bahasa Indonesia and English language skills; Experience in designing drawings for online use or for apps would be an added advantage.

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