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Title                                  :   Monitoring and Evaluation of Project: Towards Inclusive Natural Resources  

                                                 Management In Indonesia (TIRAM)

Type of contract          :   Short-Term Contract

Duty Station                  :   East Kalimantan (Balikpapan, Paser and Kutai Kartanegara District)



Prakarsa Borneo is a non-governmental organization that was founded on December 27, 2011 as a center for law, environment, and governance studies. The organization has a governance board and membership that are largely comprised of lecturers from the main universities of East Kalimantan, i.e. Mulawarman University (Samarinda), Balikpapan University, and the State Islamic Institute in Samarinda.  For the most part, Prakarsa Borneo’s members have a background in law, environmental studies and social sciences. Often in a combination of these fields. The organization’s vision and mission are to promote an equitable and sustainable legal system in environment and natural resource’s management, that respects and appreciates human rights and people’s welfare in the present and the future.

Making law, the environment and governance issues the focus of advocacy has led Prakarsa Borneo  to become engaged in various relevant activities such as research in the fields of coal mining, palm oil plantations, forestry issues and indigenous peoples’ relations to their environment.  Based on Prakarsa Borneo’s members’ capacities and skills in law, the organization also supports local governments (at the provincial level as well as at that of the district and city) to develop the academic papers required as part of new legislation and with drafting new local regulations. Furthemore, the organization provides legal advice to local governments, recently to the government of the district of Penajam Paser Utara and to the provincial government of East Kalimantan.


Towards Inclusive Natural Resources Management In Indonesia (TIRAM)

Since June 2017, Prakarsa Borneo collaborated with the Law Faculty,  University of Balikpapan, and the Moving Matters Research Group of the Department of Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam, to conduct a program which is entitled Towards Inclusive Natural Resources Management In Indonesia (TIRAM). Prakasa Borneo was appointed as an implementing patner of this program.  The project is implementing in two level of government; provincial (East Kalimantan) and district (Paser and Kutai Kartanegara). The duration of the project is from 01 June 2017 to 31 May 2019.The TIRAM program funded through the Rule of Law (RoL) Fund which managed by International Development Law Organisation (IDLO). The primary objective of the RoL Fund is to support the development of effective, accountable and inclusive justice sector institutions, and ensuring equal access to justice in Indonesia.The TIRAM program is designed to achieve four outcomes. The first is to increase awareness among local communities and decision makers of sustainable management of natural resources, and to increase recognition and protection of indigenous rights in relation to natural resources management. Second, we seek to increase legal preparedness, legal capacity and participation of local populations in law-making and to support local authorities in legal drafting of regulations on natural resources management and indigenous rights. The third outcome is to develop tools to facilitate dispute resolution on natural resources management and indigenous rights, specifically standard procedures and information tools to inform local populations and CSOs on various types of remedies and support, and provide capacity building on case management. The fourth outcome departs from the focus on the local in that we strive to formulate a process-based trajectory of change with the aim of replicability in other regions of Indonesia where conflicts and tensions over natural resource management have place as well. We seek to make the project’s insights and experiences available for broader, nationwide consideration and usage by other regional governments.

Referring to the point 21 of the Sub-Project Agreement,  the implementation of TIRAM program should be evaluated to verify the progress, achievements, and effectiveness and efficiency of the program. The evaluation intended to examine the program performance at the implementing partner o site level. In regard to the evaluation, Prakarsa Borneo looks for the qualified consultant to conduct it.



The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess the implementation and achievement of the TIRAM program in the period of June 2017 – May 2018. The monitoring and evaluation are intended to:

  1. Determine the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of the program in achieving the goals, outcomes, and outputs of the TIRAM program as stated in the Logical Framework;
  2. identify the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of the program and assess the effectiveness of the program, including the performance of Implementing Partners in managing the Program; and
  3. provide suggestions, corrections, and improvements to the implementation of the TIRAM program in the future.


Ideal Candidate Profile


  • Minimum have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field of the program being evaluated


Work Experience

  • Minimum of 3-4 years of experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation preferably within international organizations or private /public organization with donor funded programs;
  • Demonstrated experience of monitoring and evaluation skills;



  • Fluent in Bahasa and English


Specific knowledge, skills and competencies

  • At least 5 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation with an emphasis on project monitoring in an international organization, national development aid organization, or recognized NGO implementing large development cooperation programs. Experience in the justice and security sector is an asset;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of M&E frameworks, data analysis and synthesis, and report writing;
  • Excellent knowledge of M&E standards, development of M&E frameworks, Theory of Change, and logic models;
  • Excellent understanding of key performance indicators, and tracking of the indicators;
  • Demonstrated ability to design and conduct baseline studies and needs assessments, including hands-on experience with quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. This includes questionnaires/surveys, structured/semi-structured and unstructured interviews, structured desk review and mapping, on-site observations, focus group discussions, etc.;
  • Demonstrated capacity to use project M&E to advance program results and provide data for decision-making;
  • Proficiency in writing M&E related reports;



  • The contract period is 35 working days with the following details:
M&E Field Work   (15 days) 10  December 2018 – 4 January 2019
Prelliminary Draft of M&E Report (10 days)7 – 18 January 2019
Final M&E Report (10 days)21 – 31  January 2019


  • In terms of performance is considered satisfied, the contract is able to extend to conduct an evaluation and monitoring for the period of June 2018 – May 2019


how to apply

Applications must be submitted to Prakarsa Borneo office by email or postage to:

Prakarsa Borneo Office::Komp. Citra Bukit Indah Kulster Stone Park, SP 5/16, Kota Balikpapan;


The following information must be included in the proposal submission:

  • CV which provides informations related to the required qualifications;
  • Proposal of M & E (Methode, time schedule, including the proposed fee structure for the monitoring and evaluation)



  • This ToR is neither an agreement nor an offer and is only an invitation by Prakarsa Borneo the interested parties for submission of bids. The purpose of this ToR is to provide the bidder(s) with information to assist the formulation of their proposals.
  • The proposal expected to be submitting to Prakarsa Borneo office by email or postage no later than 14 December 2018.
  • This job has expired!
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