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Launched in 2005, the Microentrepreneurship Awards is a program implemented by Mercy Corps Indonesia (MCI) that aims at raise awareness on the importance of micro-entrepreneurship and microfinance in supporting the financial inclusion and economic empowerment of low-income individuals. It also aims to highlight the important role micro-entrepreneurs play and contribute in their local economies; catalyze innovations among microfinance institutions (MFIs) that will lead to an increase in their outreach and their micro-entrepreneur portfolios; and to leverage awareness of policy makers within the government of Indonesia towards enabling a supportive environment for micro-entrepreneurs through a conducive set of regulations.


The Microentrepreneurship Awards competition is open for the public and micro-entrepreneurs were able to apply through the official website in October – December 2017. From all the applicants, 50 Semifinalists was then selected and visited by the committee to conduct a survey on their businesses and MFIs. After further verification and evaluation, 20 applicants were selected as the finalists. The selected finalists were then invited to attend a 3-day boot camp and final judging that will determined 7 micro-entrepreneurs and 1 MFI winners. Each micro-entrepreneur winner will receive prizes and coaching and mentoring for two months to further develop their businesses.


Project Locations :

Cianjur and Bekasi (West Java); Sleman and Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta); Bontang (East Kalimantan); Malang (East Java).



Business DescriptionLocationCapacity Building Needs
  • Instant liwet pandanwangi rice
  • Cianjur, Jawa Barat
  • Market research and analyzing
  • Attracting investors and raising capital
  • Natural dyes batik
  • Sleman, DI Yogyakarta
  • Increasing productivity and business management
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Bawis, bandeng, and other seafood derived food products
  • Bontang, Kalimantan Timur
  • Above the line (digital) marketing
  • Financial management and business accounting
  • Handicrafts from corncob
  • Sleman, DI Yogyakarta
  • Marketing strategy and market penetration
  • Product and company branding
  • Convection
  • Bekasi, Jawa Barat
  • Product branding and product development
  • Market research and analyzing
  • Tutoring company
  • Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta
  • Human resources management
  • Above the line and online marketing
  • Instant gatot and tiwul products
  • Malang, Jawa Timur
  • Above the line (digital) marketing
  • Financial management and business accounting


Purpose / Project Description:

The Micro-Entrepreneurs Mentoring Consultant will be responsible of designing and delivering training/ coaching/ and or mentoring and provide trainers/ facilitators/ and or experts to support the business development of 7 micro-entrepreneur winners.


Consultant Objectives:

Support the overall business development of the 7 micro-entrepreneur winners by increasing their capacity (skills and knowledge), connecting them to a larger supply chain, and providing access to sustainable pool of local and national resources, communities, and experts.


Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:

  • Design a training/ coaching/ and mentoring program based on the needs of 7 micro-entrepreneur winners.
  • Travel to each micro-entrepreneur winners’ locations to deliver the training/ coaching/ and mentoring program.
  • Provide trainers and mentors or experts for the training/ coaching/ and mentoring program.
  • Provide the necessary tools, supplies, and logistics related to the training/ coaching/ and or mentoring program.
  • Conduct additional indirect coaching and mentoring through telephone, messages, email, social media, or other communications platforms.
  • Measure the agreed key performance indicators for each participant as the output of the training/ coaching/ and mentoring program.


Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will produce:

  • 7 customized training/ coaching/ and mentoring program designs.
  • 7 training/ coaching/ and mentoring schedule.
  • 7 baseline assessment.
  • 7 end-line assessment.
  • 7 training/ coaching/ and mentoring program final reports.


Timeframe / Schedule: 

The training/ coaching/ and mentoring program will be conducted in a 2 – 3 months’ period starting at April – June 2018. The final report should be received no later than 24 June 2018.


The Consultant will report to:

Program Coordinator


The Consultant will work closely with:

The Program Assistant and Communication Officer

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