KM Utama: Request for Proposal for Video Production for Peka Sinergi Project

  1. Background

Within the framework of the Millennium Challenge Compact between the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of Indonesia, the Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) has allocated grant funding to KM UTAMA to implement the project, “A Sustainable Training and Certification System for the Renewable Energy Labour Market” (abbreviated in Bahasa Indonesia as PEKA SINERGI, hereinafter referred to as “the Project”), which is supporting the Government of Indonesia to establish a system of professional training, certification and accreditation for jobs in the new and renewable energy sector.


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  1. Rationale

For accountability and dissemination purposes, it is necessary to develop program videos that demonstrate the program model and milestone achievements. It can also be a very effective tool to promote and used as supporting material in delivering presentations, event materials, published in digital/social media and many others.


  1. Expected result

Three (3) brief, creative and High Definition (HD) videos promoting the following PEKA SINERGI project success stories:

  1. PV Installer and operator training in East Lombok
  2. PV and hydro operator training for workers in Lombok
  3. SMKN 1 Lingsar Hydro school (featuring the principal and a teacher as inspiring figures)


  1. Specification
  • Type: easy to understand, creative, informative, accurate
  • Shot Quality: widescreen shot
  • Duration: 2-3.5 min max
  • Artistic sense: fully optimized
  • Soundtrack: relevant music illustration
  • Expected Quality: High Definition (1080 p)
  • Final file format: YouTube supported format (.mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi, .wmv) for dissemination online. Copies also should be delivered on USBs.


  1. Idea Concept/Framework
    • PV installer and operator training shall feature:

Learning model, training and competency test. Certification process can be included as necessary. Duration: 2 to 3.5 min max

  • PV and hydro training for PLN workers. The video will feature:

Learning model, training, competency test and certification as necessary. Human story or testimony shall be included as necessary. Duration 2-3.5 minute.

  • SMKN 1 Lingsar Hydro school. The video will feature the success story of the school with effective leadership, innovation on RET discipline, and the use of the equipment grant (mini hydro installation). Duration: 2 – 3.5 min max


  1. Scope of Services

6.1.      Pre Production

  • Storyline
  • Recce and story collection
  • Stock shot
    • Production
  • Video shooting (expect to have drone shooting in case PV panel is located outdoor)
    • Post Production
  • Offline editing
  • Online editing
  • Info graphic, typography
  • Music
  • Final mixing


  1. Language

Language of the video shall be narrated in Bahasa with English subtitle.

Function for subtitling including proofreading should be included in the Proposal.


Primary language of the Proposal shall be in English.


  1. Location of the video production

Select locations:

  • PV Installer and operator training in East Lombok
  • PV and hydro for PLN workers is in West and North Lombok
  • SMKN 1 Lingsar Hydro school is in Lingsar, West Lombok

Production timeline

Production timeline


ActivitiesDec 2017January 2018February 2018
1TOR and selection
2Kick-off Briefing and proposal presentation: stock shoot, storyline
3Recce and shooting
4Offline and online editing
  1. Terms & Conditions:
    • Vendors must demonstrate professional experience to undertake the tasks, with following criteria:
  • Professional video production experience;
  • Professional experience in donor-funded video production (HD) or;
  • Professional experience in Public Service Announcement (HD)
  • Professional experience video production for government project (HD)
  • Professional experience in promoting Government-to-Government project branding
    • Vendors must submit the proposal consist of Company Profile, Idea Concept, Filming Crew, show reels following abovementioned criteria (minimum two) & Price in one binding document.
    • Price shall be lump sum including operational travel, staff and production to final product.
    • The deadline to submit EOI will be 1 December 2017, please send it to:


Yenny Yoris

Senior Admin and Office Manager


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PT KM UTAMA Indonesia has been allocated grant funding by the Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia to execute the project, “A Sustainable Training and Certification System for the Renewable Energy Labour Market”, which will support the Government of Indonesia to establish a system of professional training, certification and accreditation for jobs in the new and renewable energy sector.
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